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3rd gen РСМ


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October 14, 2021
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Russia Ufa
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2003 Ford Explorer XLT
Good afternoon to everyone, all-wheel drive does not turn on at all, does not respond to buttons at all, nothing lights up on the panel. There are no pads under the glove compartment, there is nowhere to dig through the whole car. I read that combined things happen in the brains, more precisely in RCM, that's what they write - the all-wheel drive control module (4WD) is an integral part of the power transmission control module (PCM) and is not serviced separately. In 2004, 4x4CM is part of PCM and cannot be serviced separately. But I have Ford USA Explorer III 4.0 4WD VIN: 1FMDU73E74ZA42796 2003. It costs 4L2A12A650ADC, but replaceable, tell me maybe not worthy? Tell me which one is needed