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3rd gen diff + ranger fx4 diff?


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August 16, 2009
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Hey all, after doing some searching, and finding the torsen t-2 web site, I was wondering:
Has anyone taken a ranger fx4 rear diff carrier (the torsen style) and put it in a 3rd gen rear diff pumpkin (solid axle to an IR)?
And after reading the torsen web site, are the front and rear carriers the same on the 3rd gens? (I doubt it, but ya never know, right?)

Anyways, was just looking for an upgrade from the traction lok clutch packs... I have to rebuild mine, and was looking to maybe get a torsen style, less maintance and stronger limited slip.

One more thing, what are you opinions on a limited slip In the front diff? Any streetable issues? I enjoy my off-roading, but it is also still my daily driver.

Well, after a little more reading/digging, the front and rear carriers are definitely different. Front is 27 spline for the axles (Dana 30) and rear is either a 28 or 31 spline ( 8.8)