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3rd gen flex


hail to the king, baby!
June 12, 2005
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MUNK 07 Focus 97 XL1200C
I had the explorer up on ramps to mess with the brackets from my step bars. I figured while i had them out i might as well have a little fun and show off my incredable amount of flex
You guys with your SAS better watch out! :D



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haha nice RTI ramps. haha looks cool though.


Not too bad for a 3rd gen. You should lift that biotch! Be the first axle swapped 3rd gen! Oh, and here's your picture brightened for easier viewing.


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I agree with Josh...Mmmm, SAS w/ 35s.

The ramps belong to a buddy, and man they weigh a ton. Hence the dark pictures, wasnt dragin em out from the shed again in daylight.

Show me a way to lift it and ill show you a lifted 3rd gen!
I want to take it up a bit, but dpnt think im quite ready for a sas yet. altho it proabably would look sweet..... hmmmm.....

oh, and j602 thanks for brigtening it up. My comp's hard drive crapped out, and ive been on a borrowed lap top, so i couldnt do it myself.

You can do a body lift. There have been a few done (one was on a prototype Rancho 3rd gen Explorer). The Rancho suspension lift isn't out yet, but you can buy a body lift for some other truck and make the bumper brackets, etc. It would be worth the work, IMO, and it'd look much better than the others out on the street. :cool:

yea, ive seen one of the pics of the BL, but that wouldnt help me from whaping my front crossmember on a rock again. that and altho i havent seen a side shot of it theres gotta be alot of frame hangin down, as it is theres a good deal of frame there without the stepbars
Im really hopin that rancho kit comes out, had my eye on that since about a week after i got the truck.

Well, the reason for a body lift is to fit bigger tires. By adding bigger tires, you have more ground clearance = a little more clearance under the front crossmember. :) Pretty much your only lift option other than SAS or some kind of custom thing, until the Rancho comes out.

They've been talking about the Rancho kit for quite a while, and as far as I know, there hasn't been much of anything that's happened with it. :(

i say get a body lift! a 3rd gen explorer lifted that would be awesome

lol i had a '03 that i tryed flexing with..an the rear tire came off the ground..lol an all of our other Xs(94'-97) flexed in the same spot without even thinking of lifting a tire.


they dont have alot of flex..but they do look cool..lol

pfft- that ain't nothing!


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haha this thread has got some funny pics, those things have all of 5" of wheel travel!

BigDave!!! said:
haha this thread has got some funny pics, those things have all of 5" of wheel travel!

lol, looks more like 5 1/2 to me :D