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3rd Gen Sub Box in Floor


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August 26, 2018
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2002 explorer limited
Here are my pics and write up for 3rd gen sub/amp box behind the second row of seats.

I made the box when I purchased the truck (almost 20 years ago! gulp) so unfortunately I do not recall much of the production process. It has served me well over the years allowing me to pack my car full of construction materials, travel stuff, pets, etc and not have to removed a box. The audio is superior to the factory system though I would not win any competitions. You can hear the bass a good walk from the car if that is your thing. The original JL subs (10W3) I had finally rotted out. I was happy with them so I kept with the same brand when I put in new ones (10W1V3). I lost my original design but when I remeasured the box I was getting around 0.63 ft^3. Suppose I could have made it a little bigger if I pushed it under the seat but I wanted that space for storage. I have old Boston Acoustics in the doors and a Pioneer AVIC-X930BT head-unit and put sound deadening through the whole car but I will keep this write up to the box.


(ignore the blue tape, that is for my frig slide)


I believe I have a punch 200 and 400 (been out of the audio game for a while 😞).


I had to create a partial false floor to mount the amps level.


The cooling fans are pulling air through the little air ducts at each end. Never had an overheat with the amps.


I am able to keep my storage under the seat.

Good place to hide relays to turn the fans and other things on/off.


The box's exterior dimensions are roughly 41" long, 5 7/8" high, 13" wide at the base, and 11" wide at the top.


I do not recall what I had to remove to use the flaps over the rear seat but I attached that flap to my false floor. If anyone has a better source for carpet to match the factory low nap please let me know!


Partial grills over the subs. Looks like I had installed Velcro strips but never really used/needed them.


The bottom side of the rear seat flaps fit under the seat belt buckle. I do not recall how it is from the factory but the rear seat flap works like factory.


The clearances are tight getting a 10in sub to fit so I had to keep it low with this extra space for the magnet. If I recall, trying to use the factory back seat flap with its metal bracket and the spacing with the amps was the driver for fitting the subs low. I think the height from the top of the box to the bottom of the pit is 5 5/8".


Honestly, not sure how I went so long with the old subs in such condition. 😲

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This is great man! I did something similar with my amp. I have two 12 inch Alpine Type-S subs in a ported box running off of a Rockville dB55 2k amp. I mounted the amp in the rear-most compartment since I keep tow straps and tools in the one under the subs. I ran the same OPT-7 RGB strips that I have in the front foot wells and under the rear bench in the sub box port as well as the amp enclosure. Not the fanciest/cleanest install, but it works haha





I kinda like that subwoofer setup. Too bad I don't have the skills to make something like that. Lol.

Looks nice Donnie. I am sure it hits much harder than mine. :)

The wiring was giving me major anxiety until I saw the sub it was flapping around.

I bet that's fun for a family of mice.

I like it.