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3rd generation Bumper registry

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Some @ss in a Ram blew by me and went on to private property... which will always get a visit from the Sheriff or Pendlton. He Uturned and left a cloud of dust... of course everyone that passed by only saw me... sun went down completely. I got nothin'

I'm gonna try again this morning... there's a construction site nearby, maybe they'll let me take a few shots there. Oh, that hill from last night is a public hiking, bike riding path... no vehicles allowed except for the in the initial parking... that's why we're losing 4x territory - recklessness like that fRam... anyways, enough preaching. I'm going outside for a bit...

I have a body shop that is going to redo the rear over the bumper so that it looks like an extension of the body - no panels. My front bumper is tilted forward, but it looks flat... it's strange...

Yeah, I noticed how flat it looked... I assumed it was the angle.
Can't wait to see the angles.


This is the smaller, but steeper, access hill to a lot of open land - private property tho. I asked if I could go up there, and the foreman there said he didn't know who owned it... (has to be the city and uknowwho will show up) The rear bumper no longer touches the ground... but the front bumper and skid plate are missing something... Oh, the lights are going back up on the roof rack.. everytime I see it, I see :D:D:D:D


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That third picture looks really nice! And i still love your rim/tire combo...one day when i have the money to change mine...

Thanks! I think the light bar leaning forward and the hood leaning back makes the bmpr/plate look flat... but it's angled...

Looks great Donner.

Thank you! I'm flipping the lights up side down to enhance my pancake skid plate :) I put the wheel up on that pebble so you could see the angle better, but other changes are coming... that front bumper has to be adjusted...

Thanks! This morning we add the tabs for the front cb antenna and rear tabs.... but I gotta go to the jy this morning too.. after this, project should be done...

...Are you going to be ready for Truckhaven at the end of October???

Hoping so....

Got a hair cut!:cool:

Just took this pic 5 minutes ago... my neighbor took out the screws (star hex). Now, put screws back and paint over with touch up (and a little silicone).

I took the rear bumper and put the bubbles back, it just cost too much to make it the way I was going to... Wash tomoro, Xtremely dirty ;)


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crikey this thread is long, good work Donman

What do you mean by "put the bubbles back on"?

What do you mean by "put the bubbles back on"?

The step thing that is part of the rear bumper - like waffles/bubbles. I'm just guessing.

Oh the top part of the bumper cover? the ridges/grip part of the bumper?

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Those two bubbles under the tail lamps... I had to cover that area and the cost didn't seem worth it to do body work... I was told last night that civilians can go on base, as there are trails and hunting grounds. I just need to wash the vehicle so I can get it dirty again :)

The front bumper will have the skid plate pulled forward a bit more, and the rear bumper is complete. So w/o a roof rack, I just need to go on base and take pics.

Hopefully this thread will show that a 3rd gen can be carved up and we don't have to baby them, or go easy with them. And when Fall and Winter bring mud and snow, there will be 1000 pics from us all to show what a 4dr 3rd gen can do off road...

One of the things about this thread is that it shows how 3rd gen owners think... we are a little conservative on appearance. 1st and 2nd gen owners aren't as concerned about appearance, just "what can we do" and they do it. Jeep, Toyota, etc... same thing, they do whatever they like with their vehicles. But somewhere along the way, 3rd gen owners became satisfied with looking good - me too - rather than owning a fun@ss capable vehicle - I think a few people here have sacrificed a lot to make 3rd gens capable. We will continue. :)