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3rd Row Speakers


March 9, 2009
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'06 EB V8- FM50, Ram Air
Have 3rd Row seats with a subwoofer? Sit in the 3rd row and all you hear is bass. Very suprised Ford doesn't offer an option for extra speakers back there.
There's not a real good place to put any extra speakers because the panels on both sides are different and there is little room in the consistant areas.

I was able to place 4" Polk Aaudio db401's in the "d" pillars behind the 3rd row. I recommend them. They sound very good and their grilles help distribute their sound sideways. I ran them in parrallel off of the rear door speakers.
If you take off the bottom B pillar panel you will see a bundle of wires coming from the door. My '06 EB speaker colors - The Left rear speakers wire colors are Brown/Green (+) & Brown/Yellow (-). The Right Rear speakers colors are Brown/White (+) and Brown/Blue (-). http://www.modifiedlife.com/2006-ford-explorer-car-stereo-wiring-diagram/
Back to the speakers, they are shallow enough to mount in the "D" pillar planels right above the seatbelt. Just make sure you get them high enough so the speaker magnet clears the seatbelt bolt/clip behind the panel.
I used the cutter tool of my dremel (looks like a drill bit, not the cut off wheel) and it worked well to make the holes. I used peices of black craft foam to make gaskets and also to make little cup areas to fit behind the speakers so the magnets don't stick to the metal and to help the speaker resonate better.
Lastly, I used Krylon's new Fusion spray paint for plastics (color -Satin) to paint the grills and I think they match the tan interior pretty well.
Sounds pretty good back there now. Pics below,



nice install. i don't have people back there often in mine but good idea.