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3rd to 4th Shift Flare


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June 9, 2007
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new york
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00 xlt
2000 xlt. 98k miles. has a shift flare from 3rd to 4th gear, most noticable under medium throttle levels. I saw all the posts for the 2nd to 3rd shift flare, but this is definetlly the 3rd to 4th shft. It happens at approx 2500 rpm at 35 mph, or 3500 rpm at 45 mph. A trans filter and fluid change made no difference at all. Any ideas?

Could be Shift Solenoid 1 is sticking but most likely it is valve body related.

Read the following threads (a couple of times):

I would recommend doing the ford update with a new seperator plate and while you are at it put in a shift kit. Adjusting the bands would be recommended also. Most folks find the seperator plate gasket blown. I would hold off on replacing any solenoids for the following reasons; they are pricy, can be replaced with the vale body in and have not heard of many fixes assoicated with solenoid replacement.

Hope this helps.