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3rd Transfer case in 3 months??


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September 14, 2004
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Lafayette, IN
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'93 XLT
Hello, I was getting a strange clicking under my truck while accelerating or stopping. I took it to the shop today to find the problem, and they said it's the transfer case. This will be transfer case number 3 in 3 months. Does anyone know if it's possible that the transmission is causing this, or does it have to be just related to my truck? The truck also clunks at stops, and it actually feels like its trying to keep moving forward at times while the brake is applied. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fire:

First, off welcome to the site!!
Is this all happening at the same shop. I'd consider another shop. Are these T-cases used? The clunks as you are stopping is likely the slip yoke on the drive shaft needing to be lubed. What color is the tranny fluid?

Sounds pretty fishy to me!!! Like brooks said could just be the slip yoke needing grease. Why do they say its the xfer case?