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Solved 4.0 advancetrac transmission question


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August 14, 2015
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Meridian, Idaho
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07 XLT V6
Hi everyone, I have a 2007 explorer v6 with advancetrac. I had the transmission rebuilt at 80k due to shuddering between shifts and an occasional slip from 2nd to 3rd gear. When my transmission was pulled apart the shop said they couldn't see anything physically wrong with the transmission. They rebuilt it and updated the computer. Thing shifts smooth and runs like a Swiss watch. I am now at 97k and it still shift smooth, occasionally I still get what seems like a slip between 2nd and 3rd but it's different, it's not like any other slip I've experienced on other vehicles, it's very consistent and goes into the next gear possitivly after a 300 rpm jump. Seems like when I first drive the explorer at the beginning of the day it will slip (only slips like 300rpms) after I've driven it once for the day it doesn't do it anymore until the next morning. Now I've experienced this in the past and a friend of mine mentioned the computer learns driving styles and adjust shifts based on the driver. So I unhooked my battery for 30 min then hooked it back up and drove it and had completely normal shifts after that for quite a while. But then after a while it starts the weird little slip again. I also noticed that if I've driven the vehicle harder it's tends to have the weird shift again the next day when driving it like an old lady. I'm possitive it's a computer issue versus mechanical I'm just wondering if this is anything anyone else has experienced and if there are any possible solutions?

Update to my original post, I took it to the shop that rebuilt my tranny and I was still under warranty. Turns out one of the bolts back out a little on the bands and that was causing my issue. It ended up being mechanical versus computer after all.