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4.0 Air Filter


December 18, 2014
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Eastern PA
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05 Explorer
I read a post on here awhile ago about aFe power air filters and was wondering everyone's opinion on options other than motorcraft filters. I have found:
1. aFe POWER 30-10074 Magnum FLOW Pro 5R Air Filter,
2. aFe POWER 31-10074 Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S Air Filter, and the
3. K&N 33-2207 High Performance Replacement Air Filter

Are any of these worth the price above the motorcraft filters? I have read about the oil applied to the K&N filter causing issues with the MAF sensor. I do not know much about options 1 and 2 and also do no to the difference between those.

I was thinking about flipping the explorer over soon to get the old filter out. Let me know if there is any value to either of these options or if it is best to stick with the original.


Mr. Truckles

Elite Explorer
September 6, 2011
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North Jersey
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2002 Explorer XLT
As an engineer for a air filtration company I am a bit of a purist when it comes to air filters. Personally I am not a fan of filters that use oil impaction as the primary filtration mechanism (K&N etc). Over time the particle capturing efficiency of these filters drops as the oil goes away. With a properly designed dry filter the efficiency increases over time. The best quality OEM filters I have found are MANN and MAHLE/Clevite. They're not overpriced either which is a great bonus.