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4.0 OHC Motor Lifting Points


February 16, 2005
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98 Limited
Silly question, I am just about to pull the motor on my 98 Explorer and had a quick look to find the engine lifting points but can't find them? Anyone know where they are mounted? I must be going blind. Also and hints or tips on removing this motor? Can it be done without removing the Transmission?

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You're not blind and I think it's a good question. I don't think that there are integral lift hooks. I found these pictures of some nice attached hooks but haven't found them anywhere for purchase:



I know that a lot of forum members pull engines. Anyone care to tell us how you do it?

(Hope the pictures come through - first time posting photos.)

The above photos are for the 4.0L OHV (I have a '95). I looked in my 2000 shop manual for the OHC and they use lifting eyes that attach to the manifold studs.

"33. Note:
The lifting eyes should be installed on the exhaust manifold studs for number three and number four cylinders.

Install the lifting eyes."

Image from the manual:

Reading through the procedures it appears that the transmission can remain but of course should be properly supported.

I have the manuals for 1995 and 2000 Ford trucks. If you need any information from them, let me know.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for that info so far, I am picking up a brand new 2003 model OHC motor tomorrow so I will see what it has for lifting it, hopefully some nice lifting lugs off the manifold. It is a 'production ready' engine from ford so hopefully all the timing chain problems are fixed. I'm still waiting on my 98 manual on cd that I purchased off ebay a while ago. That will help. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.