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4.0 OHV Heater Hose Routing??

Jim Jermain

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February 20, 2006
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I replaced my heater hoses and heater control valve. However I don't know if I have the hoses routed correctly. It's a four port control valve. I have the upper port facing the firewall goes to the heater core tube on the passenger side and the lower port facing the firewall goes to the driver's side heater core tube. I have the hose coming from the intake manifold going into the upper control valve port that faces forward and the hose that comes from the water pump connecting to the lower port that faces forward. I'm pretty sure the hoses going to the heater core are correct. I'm not sure about the hoses that come from the engine to the control valve. Any advice??



Jim, I just went and looked at my 96 4.0OHV, and the forward facing hoses are reversed. However, I don'tknow what difference it would make, as long as you have heat when needed and cool when not. The heater core should not be directional as to the coolant flow.

Thanks, I really appreciate you checking.


Just dropping this here because I wanted it but couldn't find it. This is for my '95.