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4.0 OHV Oil Filter Mount: quick questions


August 5, 2010
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New Jersey
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95 Explorer XLT
Hay explorer forums. I've got a 95' 4.0 OHV Explorer with a small leak that appears to be coming from the oil filter mount (not the filter). I've done some research and have even found another topic to reference.

What I need to know is do I definitely have to take off the exhaust manifold? The dam thing is all rust and I am hard pressed to take it off. I think I might be able to work in from a different position, but I want a second opinion.

I'd also like to confirm that the mount for the oil filter serves only that one function. I've read that some of the SOHC engines in the later trucks have coolant passing threw the mount. I just want too double confirm this isn't the case for the 4.0 OHV in the 95's.

Thank you ExForum.