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4.0 ohv rocker arm oiling fix


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September 14, 2009
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93 sport
Hi I just want to see if any you guys have tried this fix I'm planing. I have bought the 410 cam delta rocker arm asm and smith brothers push rods. The factory rocker and push rods were metal to metal for a long time. Ford could have come up with a better oiling system than that crap design. Any how my idea come from the sohc 4.0 it has a tub with small holes above the cam lobes to spray oil on the cam and rockers. I been planing to plumb in to the oil gallery for the oil pressure sender. Run a 1/4 inch line spit it of to each valve cover drill holes in each valve cover put a fitting to run the 1/4 tube over the rocker arms with small holes to spray oil on them. I know lot of work but I spent lot of money on part also the extra oil will cut down on friction. It should work just want some input if any you guys have tried this.

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I haven't tried it on a 4.0 but it worked well on my old 312 y block.

May end up lossing some pressure.real fix is amellings high flow oil pump.ps delta rockers are crap!! I would send them back and use sealed power rockers,or hell i have a set with very low miles ill sell you for $50 if you really want them.
pss hope you went with longer pushrods than stock

where did my post go?

What were you going to use for an orifice? Pinch the tube or solder in something? Might be interesting to do... you would need very little oil I would think, might not harm overall pressure. You think it's worth doing JD? I'm still running the delta rocker assy with no problems so far. Mind you it's only been 3 tanks of gas so far.