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4.0 sohc engine TTY bolts 05 explorer 4x4


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December 1, 2017
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2005 Explorer xlt 4x4
I'm new here but have been following this forum for over a year for explorer related things.

I recently had my wife's explorer overheat this last summer and blow a head gasket and it has sat for several months now while we have tried to come up with the money and arrangements to get it fixed.

Anyway it had a timing chain guide go bad on it about 9 months earlier so I am doing the timing chains and heads at the same time. I know the head bolts are tty so i already have those.

The problem im running into is that for the timing chains/gears repair process im not finding an exact list of which bolts are tty and need to be replaced.

Ive read that the rear jackshaft bolt is tty and that the harmonic balancer pulley bolt is also tty.

Thanks for the help!

its a 2005 explorer xlt 4x4 4.0 sohc

If I remember right, the front and rear jackshaft, both cam shaft and the balancer are TTY. Also your head bolts will be, and cam cap bolts too if I remember correctly.

So for anyone else doing this job, i did find a page here on the forum where someone mentions which bolts need to be replaced in their respective section of the repair process

How to: - SOHC V6 Timing Chain Parts Removal Procedure

the front and rear jackshaft bolts and the harmonic balancer bolt are tty and should be replaced. the head bolts as well

the camshaft bolts can be reused along with all of the bolts that hold the casettes and the guides and tensioners.