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4.0 sohc swap to 4.0 ohv

April 16, 2016
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Alexander, NY
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2008 mercury mountaineer
I just purchased a 98 explorer xlt sans engine, Stock it had the 4.0 sohc.
I have a 98 xl with 4.0 ohv.

My ohv is still running strong but the NY salt ate her body all to hell.
The sohc is from South Carolina and is rust free. I want to put my ohv in it.

Here is my conundrum, when it comes to putting an ohv into a vehicle wired for sohc only obstacle I've run into so far is the new truck has a wire my old truck did not. A Green and white wire that according to my Haynes manual is for the crankshaft positioner. But I can't find the same wire for the ohv in the manual.
What the frig

Use the computer and wire harness for the OHV engine also. Since you have the donor vehicle, everything you need is there, you just have to swap it to the other truck. Basically remove everything SOHC, and install everything OHV. The radiator is different too. I would swap the fuel tanks with fuel pumps also. Double check any wire connections with a wire diagram to make sure the connectors are pinned the same, with FORD, sometimes you never know, bu being they are the same year, you have that going for you.

I may be wrong about the wire being for crankshaft. Farking diagram is hard to read. Can't actually find anything that says green and white wire. Gonna have to take another look.

Knock sensor? If I recall correctly, the OHV lacked one, unlike the SOHC.