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4.0 SOHC swap


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October 17, 2003
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Chana IL
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92 sport 4x4
My 1st gen. X needs more power. The 302 swap requires too much fabrication, money, and a new tranny. Putting a supercharger on my 4.0 pushrod is good idea except it will probable detsroy the engine in less than 100,000. So I stumbled on the Idea of a 4.0 SOHC swap. I've never heard of doing this, so there is probably a reason. But I was thinking, since the 4.0 and the 4.0 SOHC have the same block (right?) the SOHC would bolt up to my frame and tranny without modifications (right?). All I would have to do is re-wire the whole thing and I'd be good to go. The best part about this swap is that I am able to retain the mazda 5-spd, which I like very much.

O.K. now tell me why it won't work.

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Most people will tell you that the sohc swap would be just as hard as the v-8 swap. Just find a rolled 2nd gen and pull everything you need, engine, tranny, harness, computer. I dont think you'll be saving any work for yourself by just doing the sohc swap. And the v8 is a quite a bit more powerfull than the sohc.

Just my opinion

I your going to go, go all out......302 is the way to go.....use a body lift for more fire wall clearance, and pick up new motor mounts from james duff and your set, thats not to much fab......now is it

The 302 is not that much more powerful stock than the SOHC but the 302 can be more modded and made alot more powerful. Just go all out and do the 302 swap and just know what you are getting in to before u start it.Good Luck! Matt

yeah bu I could retain the mazda 5-spd if I do the SOHC. If I go 302 then I have to find a T-5 or some other manual tranny (I refuse to drive an auto) and get adapters to hook that up to the clutch, frame, and transfer case. That is a ton of work and a ton of money that I could avoid by using the SOHC that will bolt up perfectly to my current mazda M50.

GO for the SOHC then. Get a 99+ SOHC because they generally have all the "Qwerks" worked out of them. Sounds like this is going to be a cool swap.

I'm just getting ideas for now, none of this will take place until at least next summer. (college costs so dang much!)