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4.0 unknown issue need help

Skylar Snyder

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June 2, 2017
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2003 Explorer 4-Door XLT
my 2003 explorer xlt has a replaced 4.0 V6 motor and tranny and currently has a little over 100k on the motor and 125k on the tranny the body has almost 200k. i was driving this morning and i started it up and usually it would make a loud clanking noise in the flywheel area anyhow this time it wasnt stopping and so i ignored it and continued to drive and all of a sudden i lost all power and it would rev past 2.5k rpm and i was only able to go about 20 mph. and after that the noise was louder and it sounds like something is spraying out the engine area. i was thinking either something with my flywheel or my timing belt snapped. someone please help........

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Do you hear a rattling from the engine while it is running?

If either of the timing *chains* on your engine was broken, it would most likely not be running. I've had it happen to my Explorer, which has over 200k on the body, under 20k on the trans, and a used engine which just hit 100k. As far as the transmission issue goes, I'm not experienced in that area, or much in general, but from what you described about not being able to go above 20 mph and it revving like crazy, it sounds like the trans is stuck in first gear.

First, You didn't mention a check engine light, is it on? The fact that it revs to 2.5k but only goes 20mph sounds to me like limp mode, that's why i ask about the CEL. Is it possible the starter is stuck out and is constantly grinding with the flywheel? I ask that because you said the clanking is coming from the flywheel area.

A starter being stuck out and grinding on the flywheel might just have the potential to slow the vehicle down, or at least cause a difference in the input/output speed sensors, right? And that might cause the explorer to go into limp mode, if it's a serious enough issue with the transmission.