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4.10 8.8 cross pin clearance


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March 23, 2003
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2008 XLT Ironman
I was wondering if anyone has looked inside a 4.10 geared 8.8 and could tell me if the center pin can be removed without having to grind teeth off the ring gears or removing the carrier.

Reason I ask is I am regearing from 3.55 to 4.10...if I can remove the cross pin without any complications I am going to add an Aussie locker later...otherwise I'll just have them put it in when I set up the gears.


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If all else fails, your welcome to come crack mine open and take a look while it's in the garage as long as your replace the fluid... needs some soon :p:

IIRC, I would say no. But I could be wrong, Jefe had to with 4.33's

c-clip eliminators?

then you dont have to worry about cross pin....

just an idea.

c-clip eliminators?

then you dont have to worry about cross pin....

just an idea.

IRS 8.8 has no c-clips...axle are held in with circlips snapped into little grooves on the axle shafts.

I think the cross pin has to come most or all the way out for an aussie locker install...it would be a royal pain if not impossible to leave it in place.

oh you want to do it on the pumpkin not full rear end...

you face 2 problems.

one will be the cover is also the mounting of the rear to the vehicle. so you actually have to install this whole assembly with axles.... might be a pain since axles go through holes in the chasis...

basically put in a rear with axles already in them.

also that rear i dont think the pin comes out with the ring on them. even with a 3.55 or 3.73 gears in them. i cant recall but i remember doing clutches on these rears and having to remove the ring anyway. i think the pin gets caught up on the ring....

just a thought...

axle shafts pop out of the diff once you've loosened the axle nut at the hub and when you give the axle a good hit from the inside going outboard. They just feed through those holes in the frame when you do that from what I can see. Anyway I only need to pull em out far enough to drop the diff itself outta the truck.

I know a cross pin for a 3.73 geared diff will come all the way out since I've got an extra diff on my work bench and have been testing the fitment of the aussie in it. I found a few posts that say 4.56 is where you get to the point of having to deal with grinding teeth off gears or notching the cross shaft, so I think 4.10 will be close but OK.

Thanks for the input guys!

oh never mind some how i thought you are putting it back with c-clips...

time for coffee... i'm really out of it ....

but the pin only has to come out if you want to change spiders... the whole carrier will come out with the pin in it. since it has no axles. then all you have to do is drop the ring and take the pinion out.

new pinion and ring for 4.10...

sorry for some reason i was still thinking your putting axles with c-clips back in.... brain fart...

4.10s fit no problem. Its when you go 4.56s and above on an 8.8 is where things have to get creative.

Yea, 4.10 will come out no problem.

Cool, thanks for all the responses guys!