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4.10 Regear in a 2002 XLS


July 5, 2011
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New Bern, NC
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2002 XLS
I am seriously considering regearing my 2002 XLS from 3.55s to 4.10s, so I can improve towing performance.

I've been using Ronin's thread on regearing as my primary resource:

I can't go junkyard spelunking for a set of used 3.73 diffs, so I'm going to just buy the parts I need from summit.

The rear gears are just some cheap summit brand 4.10s for a ford 8.8". These will work, right?

The front gears are 4.10s from motive gear, for a ford dana 30. Are these compatible?

This master overhaul kit says it will work with a ford 8.8, but the summit compatibility page doesn't have the 2002 ford explorer listed. Is the standard 8.8 different than the IRS version?

From what I understand, my rear differential carrier is compatible with 4.10s, so I'll just re-use the rear carrier. The front carrier, however, needs to be replaced with a carrier that is compatible with higher numerical gears. This Yukon open carrier seems simple, cheap, and effective.

I did a gear swap on a camaro about 10 years ago, but I'm very rusty. I figured if I did it once, I can do it again, with a little help from an instructional video.

Does this seem like a good plan of attack for parts in order to complete my gear swap? I still need to find a good master rebuild kit for the front dana 30, and confirm that my rear master rebuild kit will work with the ex.