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4.33 for dana 35?


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December 10, 2009
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St. Joseph Il. Carbondale Il.
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94 XLT
I was hoping, if i make enough money this summer, to re-gear my truck. I have a 94 4.0 A4LD nothing special with a 2" lift and 32 inch tires. my stock axle are 3.73 with LSD. the truck feels under power and since a 5.0 swap isn't in the budget right now i was hoping to re-gear it i have look at some other treads and most of them say for set ups like mine go with 4.56's because the 4.10's just aren't quite enough. a 4.56 sounds like a little to much for me since this is my daily driver. while looking at ring and pinions for my 8.8 i came across a 4.33. i thought that would be the prefect happy mediun between the 4.10 and 4.56. since them i have been searching trying to find 4.33's for a dana 35 (sorry no SAS)

anyone know where to find a 4.33 for a dana 35 of if they even make it?

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I've never seen them for the d35 or the 8.8. Sense you are complaining about being under powered,I would definitely go 4.56! Dont fear the gear!!:)

on the highway maybe,in town may gain.33s and 4.56 will put you about back to stock.