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4.6 Explorer towing 6000lb trailer concerns.

Hugh Janus

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June 2, 2016
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Land of Oz
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boise, idaho
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2002 XLT Explorer
Thinking of towing a travel trailer with a 4.6l Explorer 4x4 with a tow package. The tow rating is 7000lb. Obviously will have a weight distribution hitch and electric brake controller. The vehicle has load range E tires on it. The dry weight of the trailer is 4300lb, close to 6000lbs loaded, overall length is 25'. What other aspects of the vehicle should I be concerned about?


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August 23, 2015
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2003 XLS 4X4 4.0L FLEX
You're only putting 500-700 lbs of the trailer on the vehicle's tires so just about any tires should be fine.

I would put a packing plan on paper and stick to it when traveling.

Make it by using a weigh station to check the weight of the front axle, rear axle, and trailer. Move things around and adjust your WD hitch to get all the numbers into the recommended range.

Invest in a Proportional Brake Controller not a Time-Delayed one.

I'm planning on towing about a 5000lb travel trailer with mine someday.

I personally would not feel comfortable driving over 55-60mph with a trailer that weighs more than the vehicle pulling it...


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February 18, 2014
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Tulum, MX Originally Austin, Tx
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2005 Explorer EB V8 4WD
within a month of buying my 2005 EB 4.6L 72k miles w/ tow package I moved from Central Texas to Mexico in 2012. I also bought a used 6x12 cargo trailer. The only thing I did to the Explorer was a trans filter/fluid change and on the trailer new tires, repacked the wheel bearings, and a sway device from Harbor Freight (http://www.harborfreight.com/trailer-sway-control-kit-96462.html). The Ex pulled the trailer beautifully for almost 2000 miles over 3 mountain ranges often at 65 mph on the flats. We averaged between 12 and 13 MPG. My guess is that I had close to 5000 Lbs in the trailer as it was absolutely full with all household furniture and all the family possessions. We even ended up destroying one of the wheel hubs on the trailer and slightly bent the axle by going over some of the bizillion speed bumps too fast. I have for years been a Ford guy, giving up a 71 F100 for an 07 F150 V6 that I traded for the Explorer. I have learned to love this vehicle.

Skipper in Mx