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4.6 four valve swap ?


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March 6, 2006
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Atlanta, GA
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2000 Limited chassis only
Anyone ever done, or researched swapping a Lincoln Mark viii 4 valver into a Gen 2 in place of the 5.0 ?
They run pretty much the same trans, so that should be fine, but I am guessing the width might be tough.

They look like an old school hemi with these valve covers.
They're a pretty trick thing considering how cheap they are, 280hp rated 310 or more with exhaust and Cobra intake 6 bolt mains with an iron crank and the bare block only weighs 86 pounds !

Just curious.


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February 2, 2006
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North East Arkansas
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2012 F150 4x4
Its been discussed before, but in the smallish body of the 2nd gen wont accommodate the motor and keep creature comforts like heat and air. There was a guy who did it in a 2wd Ranger, but it has different crossmember allowing for the oil pan. I believe custom headers have to be fabbed up to clear the steering and other stuff. Ill see if I can find the thread- they have the obligatory picture of the two motors side by side.

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