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4.6l '07 sport trac misfire #3 cylinder


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June 18, 2012
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Springfield, MO
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2007 Sport Trac Limited
Ok so I have a #3 cylinder misfire. Which is the third cyl from the front on the passenger side I have found out. To date I have done the following:
Replaced the spark plug. It looked good, only 20k miles on them.
Swapped COP from #2 to #3 no change still stays in #3
Ohmed all bank 1 fuel injectors out last night and all were consistent 16-19 ohms on a warm engine.
Next step is to swap fuel injectors as #3 may be clogged.
Then I guess cyl comp test if that don't work.

Any place I missed so far in my steps?
I have ruled out fuel filter as that should generate random errors as well as MAP and clogged cats. Had pass side exhaust mani replace 1000 miles ago due to warp.

Any advice is welcome
Thank you

I have personally had an injector ohm out perfect and test bad and cause a good miss. It would run good for about 5 seconds till it really started to dump fuel and flood it out.

Also a short in the wiring going to the coil is a possibility. The pcm would catch an injector short and show a code so wouldn't go far with that other than checking signal with a niod light.

That was it

You are correct BX. Swapped #2 and#3 FI and the problem followed. Not thrilled to drop $65 on a new FI but at least it's easy to do and while I had the fuel line pressure discharged I went ahead and replaced the fuel filter just because. Was so glad to see #2 misfire as I was worried I had a much larger problem.
Back to running on all 8!