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4 Channel amp wiring??


December 13, 2000
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How do u hook up 4 RCA cables to a 4 Channel amp? I got 4 RCA preouts on my head unit. I got 2 of those 4 RCA preouts going to my kenwood 600 watt for my subs and i got 2 left over. Don't i need 4 RCA jacks to hook up my 4 channel amp? Or would the 4 channel amp run all 4 channels with just 2 RCA preouts plugged in? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Until you hook up a crossover or something, the best thing to do is run the front RCAs to the amp input with the front speakers. Then go to Radio Shack and get the 2 RCA y splitters and run one pair to the subs and then the other pair the the rear speaker amp inputs. That's about it. The loss in signal by splitting the signal is almost negligible, so you shouldn't worry about it. This is under the impression that you have one 2 channel amp for the subs, and one 4 channel that you were hoping to put to the 4 corners? If you can get away with more inexpensive RCAs it's best to try that first. No use in spending mad cash to solve a problem you didn't have. Try hooking up the midrange speakers to the amp first so you can tell if you're getting any whine or noise, since the subs may not let you know.

Good luck!