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4 link 2 door

January 11, 2011
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Carpinteria, California
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'91 Sport
Has anyone ever made a 4 link rear suspension on a first gen 2 door? 4 link meaning 2 trailing arms to the axle and 2 upper links to the diff housing. I think It would work with shocks going through the floor but I would have to remove the rear seats. Pictures would be great!

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Never seen it, but with as many 4 linked jeeps are out there you can do it

The gas tank is the issue with this idea. You would wana put a bronco 2 tank in to make room for the links

I've been wondering the same thing. I've actually been thinking about this topic a lot.
The gas tank of course needs to move. I did the "Van gas tank behind the axle swap".
I plan on fabricating all the 4 link brackets myself though. I don't think you'll find a kit for this.
I also plan to get as much wheel travel as possable...Like in the 18" 20" range.
The problem with this is the shock needs to be right where the rear passangers siting.
I've read on "Mezzanine" type rear suspension to overcome this issue. Not sure if I'm not going to lengthen the wheelbase though.
When I do the conversion I will be sure to update my Build Thread.


Search for Carlovers desert beater build, he did a big cycle suspension in his Explorer, with mezz arms too,

Carlover's build has an upper 3 link and it looks like he moved his gas tank. I was hoping for maybe 2 upper links and I suppose the tank will have to move, and a bunch of other stuff. I am still in the planning stage, continuing to think of new ideas...

I have been thinking about this too- I already have a bii tank.

RuffStuff has a 4 link kit for ford 8.8 axles that is very good quality and customizable. For the money, seems like a good deal considering there are not many options other than full fab.