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4" Superlift Install this Weekend!!


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February 2, 2006
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Im going to install my long awated lift kit I bought about a month ago. It is used, and I have yet to have seen it, but after I get it in Friday and inspect all parts, Im going to put it on.

I bought new hardware per the lift kit instruction book's hardware list. I am going to have to fabricate some sway bar links because the guy who had the lift before me ran without them.

I bought a case of flat black spray paint and intend to clean and paint all things possilbe while I have the front end apart.

I am going to change the gear oil in the front diff while I have it out of the truck because my seal is seeping oil. I got two quarts of gear oil and I have some sealant to put it back.

The rear lift is going to consist of F150 leaf pack swap and some very heavy duty shackles the same dementions as the Warrior Shackles. ( I would have bought Warriors, but I built mine before I knew they existed or this forum existed) I hope this combo will give me enough lift in the rear. If not I may add some add a leafs? Is there a better solution?

I have read the instruction book over acouple of times. I got the ball joint press kit from autozone and a two jaw puller for the torsion bars. Does anyone know anything else I will need or have any helpful tips?

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I jsut did this about a week and a half ago and it was a piece of cake. Myself and 2 friends did it in less than 6 hours. Only tools i needed to rent was a fork to seperate the lower control arm from the spindle. I didnt need the jaw puller or the ball joint kit. good thing to remember is not to bolt everything down past hand tight until everything is put together. i had to push some of the peices around to get them to fit so alil weeway was good. Good luck and take your time. no need to rush. OH and i SOA'd my rear with the monoleafs and warrior shackles and it brough the rear up alittle higher than the front. heres a pic of my lil guy with 35's, and the copilot


Enchanting gal you have there.

yes 3" body, 4" suspension, torsion twist

oyi, very observant.....guess the misses has no clue how to set a camera

Ok, holy F#@* Sh!&. Fed Ex destroyed one of my boxes, lost parts of the lift. :mad: The the other box wont be here until Monday. :mad: :mad: I called the guy who shipped it and haven’t gotten a call back.


I’m more than likely screwed. If he didnt put insurance on it, I won’t get anything but $100 per box, not nearly enough to replace any lost pieces. This isn’t looking good at all. Anybody work for fed ex in California?

Luckily I had my digital camera, so I took picutes of the demolished box. I will post them tonight.

As of now I have

1 passenger side steering knuckle
1 torsion bar drop down bracket and cover
1 front crossmember with drop down brakets (bent)
1 front shock (bent)

All this after a one month wait to get the damn thing? This sucks!

That sucks serious balls man. Good luck dealing with fed-ex.

Yeah, I know, Im so screwed its not even funny. Im going to buy some vasoline to carry around so next time it won’t hurt so bad.


And to make it all worse, I have to wait unill monday to see what I actually have. :frustrate

Ok, I got some pictures for ya;
This is the box that was in the box I got. It was the origonal box because the shipping label was cut off of it an re attached to the new box.


Here is the contents of the box I got. Yep those are GM tranny parts on top.


The lift parts that I have so far: The crossmember drop brackets are bent, I knew that when I bought it. Gonna try to beat them back in shape.


damn i work at the UPS store and we do fed-ex UPS and USPS that is one crappy pack job. Id be pissed, and dont count on gettin your insurance money if the guy you bought the lift from packed it. Generally you will only get the insurance money if it was center packed. was there any packing in that box? or did it just rattle around?

No, that is the box fedex put the parts in after they destroyed the first box. The guy I bought it from went to Kinko's to ship and they sold him the boxes. I haven't talked to him yet to discuss particulars about the packing or contents of the boxes.

sorry to hear about that, dont think about starting it because that drop down crossmember holds the entire lift kit. good luck with whatever happens

get a torch and beat taht bracket back into place

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Ok, FedEx hates me now. I have been calling and trying to track stuff down. My other box was in the Jonesboro terminal, so I went and got it today. Most of the parts were there, but I am missing a few key elements. Here is what I don't have:

1 Differential drop bracket
1 Superlift driveshaft (this is the big one)
1 compression stop bracket, passenger side
1 compression stop bracket, drivers side
1 front skid plate
2 brake hose re loation bracket
2 rear shocks

For the most part, I have all of the kit now. Biggest thing obviously is the driveshaft, and the skid plate. I can live without the skid plate I guess, but it would be nice.

Does anybody have or know someone who has access to superlift parts?

Ive been on fedex's ass and they are supposed to be looking for the missing parts, I gave them all of the part numbers. Im not holding my breath though.