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4" Superlift problems


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April 26, 2007
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03 ST 4x4 XLT Adrenaline
So I have been riding my 4" superlift for awhile now. First I must say never take your truck to 4 wheel parts. they are horrible mechanics and have horrible customer service. anyways I have just isolated the noise I have been hearing ever since. the extended sway bar drop links, the ones that go from the anti-sway bar to the lower control arm were very loose. so loose that the top bolts weren't even tightened down on the bushings. i tightened them and they still clank over ever bump. what do I do. also i hear a noise every time i turn my wheels as far as they go to the left or right somewhere in the steering rack and pinion. kind of like a pop. maybe they are not adjusted to the right length? anybody have similar problems?


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I deleted your other post- please give people a chance to respond.

As for your sway bar links, they are notorious for making noise. The ball and socket design doesn't hold up too well.

As for when you turn, your tires could be rubbing, the knuckles could be hitting the steering stops on the lower control arms, the ball joints could be creaking. Could be many different things, so many moving parts there.

Sorry for that. I was just amazed that my bolts were so loose. I am just looking for somebody who has had a superlift and had that problem. Hoping there is fix. I have a lot of play in my links and no matter what i do there is always play and a lot of clunking. I don't hear the same noise on any other type of lift. If a picture would help let me know.

4 wheel parts told me to come back after 10 days or so so they could re check and tighten everything. mine doesnt have any problems

Here is your solution. Take the superlift links and throw them in the trash. Go buy some 1/2" threaded rod and and bushings and then make your own.


just reading your post and i had the same problem for one the drop end links are crap but the problem you are having is the connection on the lower control arm. there is a spacer inbetween the washer on the bottom the spacer is to tall which means every time you hit a bump or turn they make a popping noise. grind down the spacer thinner than it is so the washers sit flat on the control arm top and bottom of the arm. to confirm where the noise is coming from lay under you car and listen under the links and have someone rock your X side to side. hope this solves your problem
if unsure what part i am talking about go to superlift and look a the manual for the lift and look at the picture for the endlinks you will see the the SPACER on the bottom of the arm

That is a great idea with the all thread! i have the trailmaster 4", and had the same problem, the sleaves on the connecting links just ate through the bushings, and got the same clanking sound. Just these past few days, i have fabed new links that i could disconnect for the trails. Ill see if i can get a pic up soon, maybe you would like the disconnect idea i used (if this is not too late...). I also put 2.5" torsion/shackle lift too, so i made the links longer than the trailmaster ones. Good luck with yours! btw, this is my first post haha hope i did ok!

Here is my swaybar links I have mentioned about above. This is a work in progrss picture, as I still am working on some finishing touches.