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4-wheel dr. & 2-wheel dr. lights blinking


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July 5, 2012
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1998 explorer
i have a 1998 explorer 4.0 v-6 pushrod type engine. 4 wheel dr. the lights on the dash keep blinking now and then. every 5 min. or so. i unhooked the battery several times to clear the code over the last year , it clears it for a while, like maybe a hundred miles or so then it startes to do it again. the lights read 4-wheel dr, & 2-wheel dr. they both blink at the same time for about 4 cycles or so then it stopes for about 5 min and startes again. i know unhooking the bat for 10 min will clear it again, but does anybody have any idea what is going on and what the fix would be.?????? thanks in advance bill.