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4 wheel shift question ?


June 22, 2011
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Bolton Lancashire UK
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When I turn the switch for the 4 wheel drive all that seems to happen is the 4 wheel drive light comes on ? my friends makes a "clunk" on his ex ? mine is a 1997 ex 4x4 ? could this mean it's not engaging the 4 wheel drive system ? and if so how do i test it ? is this a bad thing or an easy fix or am i missing something obvious ?
thanks guys

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My old 93 explorer i could always here it clunk but my 98 is pretty quiet when engaging. You should be able to feel the truck handle differently if you are in 4wd. Especially when you try to turn it will feel like the truck doesnt want to turn as sharp. First thing is to confirm wether or not the 4wd is engaging and go from there.

Thanks but that's the thing how do I check to see if it's engaging ?

Just turn it on and make a turn on pavement. You should be able to feel the front tires slipping.

Otherwise test it out on gravel. Its more forgiving the pavement. You should be able to tell a major difference between two wheel and four wheel if you try to floor it.

thanks guys wil try it out