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4-Wheelin in Long Island NY (pics)


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January 28, 2008
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Queens, NYC
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99' XLT 5.0
Well this morning my plan was to wake up and take a two n a half hour drive to Jersey to hit some of the trails but me and my girl slept late and didnt want to sit in the holiday traffic heading over the GWB. We decided to head out east no destination in mind just a drive. Well after about an hour of driving on the Long Island expy I got off and the next road was a road on my navigation but looking at it no tire treads for a while. so i drove down it not expecting to drive all the way in just to take a look but when i got on the really narrow road two trucks pulled in behind me so now i had to go for it. hehe. The guy behind me was another explorer by coincedence and the next was a toyota. Now i felt a little better knowing that i had company if help was needed.


Well I was a little reluctant to really push the truck because as you can see i couldnt see the trail and that I was making the path for the other trucks, when i came up to a little patch of water it was a little nerve racking because when i hit the patch i sunk about a foot and a half but never let up and climbed out ok. A clearing came up and i let the other guy go ahead of me because it looked like he knew the area better but when we came up to this

we came to an abrupt halt, there are absolutely no treads there and it seemed too perfectly flat, the guy in the toyota had to pull someone out of there in november it was a 3 foot pond:eek:, I was relived that instinct and common sense kicked in and we turned around. There was a way around the water but when the ex tried to make it he bottomed out and was almost stuck and almost rolled, he said the trail went on for about 4-5 miles with different parts...

Heare my girl is trying to stay straight to take the pic while trying to keep a straight face, she was really nervous, her first time wheelin

Needless to say Awesome Sunday afternoon:D..will definately be heading back there in the spring.

I was thinking about maybe if a couple of guys wanna get together to take a one afternoon trip and check it out Im down I dont know how many guys around here are from long island and i dont think its worth a trip from anywhere else its a no big deal trail just good scenery and good fun for stock or super stock trucks...let me know who would be game for wheelin in the spring...If anone knows of other trails around the area pleeease respond im always lookin for new places, thanks

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sounds awesome and i live in south jersey but my g/f lives in east rutherford so if you wanna meet up we can

yeah i was going to head to the pine barrens and wharton state forest but i dont really know the area or the terrain im always down to see new ground we should plan a run for the spring

yea im game =D i love the pines and even though i live right here i still dunno them well they are wayyy to big to memorise =p

nice that sound good to me i know theres more guys that would come to the pines or somewhere else than long island..if anyone wants to plan something for spring im willing to travel south...or if there is someone who plans a trip down there im down to join the group...

I'd definitely be interested in checking that out. The only offroaders I know on Long Island are a few of my friends who are Jeepers and laugh at my X. And refuse to let me come on their runs for fear my 'grocery getter will get stuck in the dirt and hold every one up.' Jersey's doable for me too.

I live in West Islip where exactly is this place located?

Screw those barbie mobiles tell them to check out this site then say that...I'm down to get a little group together and hit it up. I don't exactly know the name of the town I was in but I know I got off exit 71 on the LIE and made a right at the light and another quick right and it was right there. One of the guys told me it was a hunting path and it goes for about 3-4 miles, it ends on the road that takes you to the hamptons,there's a huge deer sculpture in the middle of the hiway.If you wanna google it its called toppings path its on the map as a rosd but its not paved I know there's more just like it too hopefully someone from this site knows more trails on LI if not I'm willing to EXPLORE.its good to know there's more like me in NY..what kind of trails do your jeep buddies know? On long island? I know there's a bunch of guys that go to the pine barrens in south jersey they get together about once a month and seem like they would welcome a few more guys...let's wheeeeeel

i have both a jeep and an x im located at the jersey shore if anyones planning any runs im in

I'm down for some real wheelin.' Supposedly there's a good trail in Medford off the 112 that has a bad ass water trough. And out East I'm sure there's plenty of doable trails since there's way fewer houses. I've seen people with dirt bikes just pull over on the side of the road when they see a nice cut and just have at it so I'm sure there's some trails the x's could fit down.

i have both a jeep and an x im located at the jersey shore if anyones planning any runs im in

Dont get me wrong Jeeps are great to drive, i wish i could take the doors off our truck (without major surgery) but i just cant stand when they say thast our trucks arent "trail rated" when a quick glance at this forum will change their mind...lets do it im itchin to go, looking at all the pics from the guys that have crazy trails in the south and over on the west coast im on the search for some trails around our area the "tri-state run" (yeah i know kinda corney but we have to have a name for it any suggestions..lol) where exactly on rt 112 is the one your talkin about bats? Yeah bro i glance at the clearings all the time and just wanna go for it but then i come to my senses also listen to my gf getting nervous and wait till we have a group i dont wanna get stuck in the middle of a trail in a place that i dont know, ill have to play bear grills for a day and survive...

im in central jersey and i love to hit the pines whenever you guys are ready t get all together let me no =D

down by me there atco, wharton and batsto trails each one can last a full day

ok cool good to know that one of us will know where the trails are i read about atco probably from u in another post "wheelin in jersey". when the weather gets a little warmer well him them up im gettin psyched to go.

hell i dun even need to wait till warmth haha im practically ready to go now all my tow supplies are in my truck already (tow rope, tow strap, tow chain, come-a-long) =p

Now I'm really itching to get out there! I'm ready to roll whenever, I just gotta get some jack boards and a tow chain to supplement my tow strap and I'm good to go. And Blaze, your post inspired me to look into going doorless. I saw a doorless Cherokee on the beach last summer and thought 'if he can do it, so can I.' I just spent the night researching on here and I think I know what I'm doing this weekend. :D

that sounds like a great idea

Theres actually a video of toppings path on youtube it looks like a nice place for a stock explorer. I'm probably going to check it out real soon. BTW is it illegal to drive through it?

Yeah I would love to take the doors off but my truck is in too good of shape to cut that deep into it you know. but there are a bunch of guys on here that have removed them i dont know ho they reattatch and what they do with the wireing I have power windows, locks, mirrors and whatever else uses power in the door so there would be som thinking involved.. tom i didnt even think of that, youtube, BRILLIANT!! as of it being legal well its on the map as a road but if you go on google maps and do sattelite view the road is paved and then goes to dirt, when i went as you can see there was a bunch of snow so i dont exactly know when the pavement ended u know but when lookin at it for a while you realize how long the trails are they branch off in about two spots and from what i can see there is a clearing with maybe some mudd if it rains enough it can be a fun ride ...When i talked to the guy that followed me in he says he goes there all the time with no problems at all I did see posted signs along the path but its a hunting path for hunting season...im willing to take the risk, again... hey bats i have the hi lift jack and the jack boards nice 3 inch solid wood boards in the truck im working on tow points (no tow point 2nd gens) but i can figure something out if i get caught up..Also I started a new thread called http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=273281 just to find out how many people would be willing to get a good run going right here we got 5 including me plus however many peeps you guys know with rigs (my friends are BOOOORING) even iif they dont come on a run they may know of places around here or even new places in the whole tristate area... i know long post blah blah bla im just getting home from work and have a little too much energy

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Yeaa so first time i went off roading went here to toppings path. Its pretty populated with people off roading here everything was going good until I got over confident and thought I would try and go around a huge puddle. Then it happened i was going good for a little bit then dipped right down into a big rut. Two suzuki's came and met some great people, they saw I was stuck and got me out no problem. He was telling me about that he knows not to go through there and that he sees a bunch of people stuck in there a lot. Apparently if i was so focused on the road ahead of me there is paths that go into the woods a little bit that go around all the puddles. So basically if i went on the path I wouldn't have had the problem. Anyway the front of the truck was in the water almost the whole front of the wheel was under water and the truck was running great on the way home then turned it off when i got home and tried to turn it on and all it does it click so im guessing its an electrical problem. I'm going to have it looked at by a mechanic in the morning so its no biggie. Anyway its a life experience and I'll be back during the summer more prepared and cautious with one of my other friends to help me out :)