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4-Wheelin in Long Island NY (pics)

Had a good day out , thanx don. hope to go out again soon. post those pic's I wanna see my truck in the air

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I'm still up for going. Just gotta know soon too so I can know if I 'have the flu' tomorrow or not.

Well would you wanna reschedule for a weekend where we know its not gunna terrential rain i wish i could have gone today it was georgous out toomorrows weather is gunna suckkkkk!!! what do you guys think??

Forecast for tomorrow's not looking to good. It went from 50/50 rain on Wednesday to thunderstorms and rain all day. I vote postpone.

We wanna see some pics from saturdays run yeah what a chitty day but there will be plenty of nice weekends to wheel

uploading pics right now =p

well here they aree










i wish i had known about this sooner! A few of us on here have been all over the pine barrens. if you plan on goin back soon let me know and i'll try to get a group together. we also wheel with a few guys from the ranger forum and recently had a blast with them up there!

yea now that its more in season ill be goin a whole lot more =p

Yeah man we will definately go i love the pics i was ready to go but you did the right thing by going on the better weather day i would have joined if i wasnt getting home from work at 6, hey don wheres the pic of your rig the rare orange?

ohh forget it i see it it looked like my red at first

Hey Blazepet, I'm in Brooklyn, next time you go out 4wheeling lett me know via PM or email!
Really want to go 4wheeling with my EX. Just don't want to do it alone incase I get stuck or have it breakdown. :)

Looks like a good time! Sucks that Sunday didn't happen but soon there will be plenty of nice days. Seems like every time I check this thread there's some one else wanting to join the party!

haha i hope so cuz i want as many ppl as we can next time we can bring food and a charcoal grill and all =D and mine is bottom one kinda looks reddish cause it was overcast by then but ya its orange just deep orange haha

you can knida tell better here (plus an ok articulation pic)

xdviper definately will let you know you dont wanna go out by yourself getting stuck alone somewhere you dont know is a real bad thing, bats I know this thread has legs Good im glad I recently put out a thread trying to find out who was from the area that wants to go wheeling but I didnt get 1 response so im glad that guys are lookin at this thread I really wanna see if we could get a prettty nice crew together to go wheeling now and in the future. Don now i see it that is some good flex too, you disconnected your rear sway bars?? and Yes a Grill,Hamburgers, some dogs, some cold ones (non-alcohol of course thats the last thing we need) some stories and good company...hey Don what time did you guys get back on saturday is that night shot from the run???

that was a different trail different day and no i didnt take off my rear sway just a awesome place to take a pic haha and we got done at 4 on saturday

wow great flex...its gunna be a f!@kin awesome weekend great weather especially on sat...there will be plenty of these weeekends in the near future...

ok, so when are we gettin together for a run

well untill im un ####ed (my pinion gear seal is apparantly non existant at pepboys cuz they dont match mine) =[ i cant

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pardon my english =\