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40/50 series flowmaster


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June 13, 2002
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1993 Explorer Sport
I got a 93 explorer sport that I would like to make sound somewhat like a V8, or as close as I can get to a V8. I have read many of the threads from the past and most say to go with a 40 or 50 series flowmaster muffler. I have no cats in front of the muffler so that should make it a little louder, but I would like to know what is going to make it sound the best. I know it won't sound like a nice V8 mustang or anything, but I would like it to sound like it has a deep tone, and not a high pitched rice burner sound when you get on the gas!!!! If anyone has a good recommendation it would be appreciated, or even some sound clips I could listen to. thanks

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well heres the difference between a 40 and 50 series flowmaster muffler. A 40 series has one less chamber which equals out to better air flow for that deeper tone, the 50 series has one MORE chamber than the 40 series while this doesn't affect the performance at all, it does keep the sound quieter. So for the sound your gonna want the 40 series delta flow flowmaster muffler, the delta flow is a safer and more practical version than the original, but any good mechanic could have told you this :)

I've had both the 40 and 50 series non delta and they sound very similar except the 40 series is louder. Neither of them sound ricey to me, quite mellow. I don't know about the delta 40, its quieter and more restrictive I think than the original I guess, and more expensive too maybe.

they're the same price, and its not more restrictive, its the same

the deltas are a quieter more people friendly version of the regular flowmasters... all in all, the performance factor is about the same


I've got the Delta 50 and although I like it, I would go for the 40 next time. The 50 is pretty quiet.
Unfortunately, I don't think just changing the muffler will give the V8 sound. Our sixes probably need a dual exhaust with a crossover pipe (or more) to tune the sound better... Even running uncorked it sounds like a six...

the deltas are not quieter, i had them on my mustang and trust me their not any quiter than the regular flows, its just a new piece of technology that makes the mufflers more durable and longer lasting

my advice
Go get some cats on your truck at once.
taking your cats off reliefs back pressure off the engine which in turn makes you loose power. if you feel the need to go cat free, then by high flow ones but by no means go with out......its also bad for the enviroment.

but i got a 40 NON delta and i love it....wish it was slightly louder though.

Hey thanks for tips, I think I will go with the 40 sereis delta muffler. I heard one of my friends Explorer'e which has got a 40 series Delta Flow on it and it sounds pretty good, nice deep tone and not to loud.

Originally posted by InS0mNiAc
the delta flow is a safer and more practical version than the original, but any good mechanic could have told you this :)

what do you mean by safer?

Originally posted by EliteConcept
but i got a 40 NON delta and i love it....wish it was slightly louder though.

?????? that's the first time i've heard that.

my muffler guy told me that the old flows use to crack in the middle so with this little extra piece metal in the middle it gives it more support. it looks like this : < its right in the middle and just holds it together for quality purposes

I've got a 50 series flowmaster SUV with duals. I love it. I would have gone with the 40 but I was afraid it would make my nuts tatter. :p

well I hope my nuts don't tatter when I put on the 40 series. :D

The 40 series delta will be great for a 93. Its going to be a single, not duals, and that guy above probably has a 98. I have a 40 series non delta on a 92 with 2.25" pipes and its not too loud. Not like a V8 chevy with any aftermarket exhaust. You'll like it don't worry.

Ya its only gonna be a single in, and single out with 2.25" inch pipes. I got a KKM intake on it so it should sound pretty good from what i have heard others talk about with a 40 series on their rides