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410Custom's builds a 2007 Ranger V8 - custom truck build - Project "Ranger Premier"

We for sure made a good choice moving up here to rural Idaho off the grid at the base of a mountain side of a river, it has its challenges but it also forces you to rise up to them!!!!!!!!
Off grid, off road...... better place to raise kids IMO, back to our roots, back to the forest, with all the screens and technology these kids have these days its nice to supplement with some nature and outdoorsy stuff too

Here's the other ranger v8 im finishing up in case people are interested


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Well said, the big word I like is supplement. Everyone needs a little of everything, a touch of the good and bad.

I'm sure that truck is going to turn out great, you've been at this kind of "work" for a long time. I've had too much of the bad(work, house, personal, and my dad's estate to tie me up for years), and not much positive, I appreciate seeing these good threads.

I've got some time coming after retirement, I hope I can happily get into the projects this Winter. I've bought enough for most of all of them, started a little on each, and planned too much. Now I'm adding to things to keep me going later, like my to sell Ranchero.

When I get one ready to sell, I was just planning to use the existing rebuilt engine and trans, plus the old 73 front end. I might if I have the money, sell those and build an EFI 408 Cleveland with 4R, find another 72 front end, and make one worthy to sell for $20k(and be worth all of that). As it is the way I bought it, the carbed mild 351C-4V is hard to start(carb issues), power is mild to me(I built my first engine just like it in 1980), so it's a nice old Ford. With better engine, EFI and 4R, and a 72 Gran Torino front end(everyone loves it) and if the engine starts like new cars, it'd be a ball to drive.

Hey guys, I really appreciate your enthusiasm, kind words, and humor. Thank you for all the helpful input too!! I'm the owner and I'm really enjoying this build being done for all to see. I'm just as excited as you guys. So I thought I should share a couple things with you all.

After talking over this build with 410customs for a while, I sort of had some idea what I was after. But my want list grew and I've continued to add to the pile. This has became so much more than just a V8 swap. I am so grateful he just keeps saying yes....

When I dropped the 07 off 410customs had barely moved to his new residence, let alone settled in. I told him if hes got stuff that he needs to do to, do it. I'm in no rush.

Since my truck was dropped off hes had things to do on his property, with family, and then there's the pandemic....life happens. I'm very happy with what's been done. The care and quality shows.

Of this I am certain, you all should keep coming back cause its gonna get good. It'll be worth the wait!!!


To be continued...

Updated coming!! 2000 Ranger v8 is almost finished (running) and there are some packages headed my way for this 07.
Basically the 07 will be coming over front and center for the winter, with the snow falling I will be spending my days building this truck.
To celebrate @EddieMoney has shipped me some more goodies to go on the front of this truck........

I know I know we keep saying that, but this time it is actually happening!!

You're killing me with these updates! Meanwhile my 99 still sits in the driveway with an empty engine bay.

I love that body style in that color. The 5.0 will make it even better. There used to be a 3.0 one running around here. But she totaled it. 😕

Merry Christmas!

It has been a long time coming, now the "Blue truck" as everyone here calls it is getting built
3 month buildup of the 301K mile v8 2000 ranger is complete, now back to our regularly scheduled program, that build can be seen here:
2000 Ranger 301K gets a fresh 306

First up lets install that long travel suspension shall we?
Time to clean up the shop, took a bunch of work just to get to this point!

Truck was hand washed and spray waxed in place, had to remove months of built up dust from under the car cover!!


Notice something missing? That's right! We removed the front bumper in favor of a new bumper/winch setup (more on that later)


I had some help in the shop


Disassembly complete! Time to build her up

Step 1, mock up front suspension
Remember we are planning to run the True Travel Dynamics +2 kit along with the superlift drop brackets and extended knuckles
I need to mock up the suspension so we can measure for new shocks, this way the shocks can be ordered

The frame rails were first scraped and wire wheeled clean where we will be working


Next the upper shock mount needs to be cut off, after much debate I decided a sawzall would make a clean cut....sure enough!

The stock shock bucket is only designed to handle the load of the shock absorber, while the torsion bars handle the weight of the vehicle.
For our suspension we will be using coilover shocks to suspend the truck, no more torsion bars!! So this piece has to go!
Sawzall with Milwaukee torch blade made such a clean cut there was very little grinding to do to remove all remnants of the oil shock mount

Shop dog approved

Here you can see what is left after careful cutting with saw

Now much grinding and prep to do so we can measure, place and tack weld in our new dual shock mount
After the grinder


All remnants of the old bucket erased

Time to tack weld in the new shock tower, instructions from the suspension kit say to start with it 1-3/4" back from the front UCA hanger

Hard to see but it is set with 1.75" exactly at the metal for the front UCA hanger

The AC canister is just a bit too low, the canister brackets were un bolted to gain us some clearance

After MUCH deliberation and testing the fit of BOTH brackets from the kit the shock tower was finally tack welded in place. TACK WELDED> Final welding will come MUCH LATER
Weld through primer is used to protect/coat the back side of the new tower as well as the now clean frame rail surfaces

New tower tacked in place, 3 large tack welds used placed in a spot where I can cut them again if needed.


Now we moved our attention to the superlift drop brackets, they need to be in place in order to correctly locate the LCA and knuckle
UCA (upper control arm) was hung using the stock bolts and alignment shims, perfect for mock up.

Now the UCA, LCA and Superlift knuckle are loosely bolted in place using the correct spacers and hardware provided with the True Travel kit




Now we are getting somewhere! I spent much time with this setup checking the travel, let me tell you this kit is impressive, it will travel way further then we need it to before hitting frame/maxing out the uniballs in both the full stuff and full droop positions.
Time to measure for shocks. Looks like a 10" stroke, 2" body threaded body and bypass shock will fit the bill
King 2.0 coilovers with a 10" stroke are 17.5" collapsed and 27.5" fully extended. Yes we will be using KINGS

So I fabricated a shock "placeholder" which allows us to check shock tower alignment and test shock length in all 4 front shock positions.
The Superlift bump stop was bolted up just for testing, to see where "stock" up travel is, I know from the True Travel instructions that this kit is designed to use 7" of shock stroke at the shock mounts, This will give me my full droop and full stuff positions.

Next pictures will show the wheel travel available!
I can tell you the superlift drop brackets and knuckle have this long travel kit cycling cleanly, same angles as the stock LCA suspension.

Oh and just for testing /checking clearances before the superlift brackets were added I wanted to see how this +2 kit works without the Superlift, I just happen to have some old Fox 2.0, 8" coilovers in the shop, perfect for testing (this kit is designed to use 2.0, 8" stroke threaded bodies)




Everything looks good, except the stock bump stock bracket is right in the coilover spring..... no problem the stock Bump stop can be removed

Okay back to our suspension travel
Here you can see the superlift bump stop extension put in place so I can get an idea of where "FULL STUFF" is AKA the highest point of the suspension travel


Here is the mock up shock I built, capable of being 17.5" tall collapsed and 27.5" extended (eyelet to eyelet)

Full stuff comes with the shock at about 21" long (LCA is resting on bump stop)

7" of shock stroke exposed from that point has us drooping WAAAY down

Approximate full droop (down travel will be limited by a limit strap included in the True Travel +2 kit)
The mock up shock is now at its full length, 27.5" from eye to eye (same as a 10" King)

So to recap:
Full stuff

Full droop

Full stuff

Full droop

this is close I think the suspension will be limited just above this point to keep the CV axles happy
You can see the upper and lower Uniball's are at their max travel limits, stock ball joints would have broken into bits trying to do this

Although the new shock tower looks to be in the perfect location from all angles, final welding will be done AFTER both new coil over and new bypass shock are in place and travel/clearances are checked

time to prep, cut and tack weld the drivers side

Did I mention the front bumper earlier?

Well..................here is what it is like to unbox an Affordable Off Road Ranger winch bumper!!
This one came with the front skid plate AND both sets of outer wings. He makes a plate steel "wing" and a tube steel "wing" we were sent both to decide which we like better. I already know which way I am leaning.





Notice the other box? An Apex 12,000 winch resides underneath all this metal!!
Our truck owner has been busy doing a little Black Friday shopping of his own :)
Stay tuned!

Nice! Glad to see this project back in action. 👍

I want a set of those LCA's in stock length. lol

I dig how those shock towers are tied into each other. Does that pose an issue for the drivers side brake / AC lines that occupy that space?

I trimmed the stock bump stop bracket a bit, drilled a new bolt hole, and pushed the stop inward enough to clear the coils.

Are the fender liners going back on?

I need to shut up, and just watch this progress. lol

Yeah Buddy!! I never stop moving forward, just get pulled in many directions

no issues on drivers side, brake and ac lines can be re located/bent

Yes to fender liners

I'm going to hack off the stock bump stops and run a true can/pneumatic bump stop setup on this beast

This thread will have semi daily updates now until this truck is complete, shooting for some time in February

NO to shutting up and not asking questions!!! Discussion forum = go ahead and discuss!!!

Do you think a 2.5” shock/coilover would fit the TTD kit? Instead of the 2.0” they recommend.

I am looking into this right now.
It looks as if we remove just a bit of material from the shock tower a 2.5" coilover might clear
I need to know the outer dia of the 2.0 and 2.5 threaded body coil springs and I can likely mock it up

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what are the travel numbers?

spring od will rely on thickness but for the most part you can account for a a 3/4" wire thickness on a 3" I.D. spring (2.5 coilover springs are 3" i.d)