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410Custom's builds a 2007 Ranger V8 - custom truck build - Project "Ranger Premier"


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July 30, 2007
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Renton, WA
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2003 4x4 NBX 4.6
With the help of a friend I was also able to download a ranger long travel leaf spring hanger design from DIYoffroad.com, it looks like we will be building our own rear hangers... my friend has a plasma table and is willing to help me create some custom hangers!! oooooh la la
View attachment 423513

This design will get modified, I need my hanger to be about 4" rearward of this design to allow the proper shackle angle

good find! I have a new fav website.

what's your plan for the rear shocks? bed cage or build into the wheel well?


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August 3, 2000
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B2 "Slightly" Modified
I think it’s pretty clear that:

Bad to have the body Seam rest on them body flex is going to cause issues
1” body lift still would not gain enough clearance
Too expensive for what you get, I mean all this money for sliders that need to be modifed to work without causing noises or damage to stock truck

Why do we put up with this crap?

And to top it off they shipped the wrong ones

What a huge pita!!

Thanks for all the info fellas this is why we post

Rear shocks will be setup once I have an axle in there, ride height set and suspension flexing. I am hoping to keep them somewhere near the stock location for this build