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410Custom's builds a 2007 Ranger V8 - custom truck build - Project "Ranger Premier"

@JoshT You could always use a 8.8 out of an F150 to get a wider tracking width on the rear.
Which makes me think of a question. Has anyone built an Explorer or Ranger body onto a 5.0 powered 4wd F150 chassis? Frame and driveshaft length adjustment would be about the only major thing to contend with?
Not sure which frames were used, there's a V8 Aerostar the guy set the body on a frame and the 300 inline 6 explorer. I think I remember it getting a different frame.

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None taken! I can always find a home for some wheels
I already have a home for the ballistics
The Toyos will be on the methods tomorrow!

Allright shop is cleaned and organized
Eddie money truck front center
Truck was washed
Time to finish this truck
September is 07 ranger month
Shop is firing on all cylinders
Here we go



Okay so here’s what I’m working on! The new headlights and such have been removed
The fenders and bed are coming off

With the bed off I am able to work more easily on the rear, fitting the hitch and bumper with the inverted shackle setup will take some fabrication.

Shorter shackles are being installed, this will help clear the factory height bed (without having to cut into the bed supports)
This will give the rear 1/2” of lift
Next I am installing 1.5” lift blocks in the rear. I am stacking 1.5” blocks w the factory block for now. The rear needs 2” of additional lift. I knew she was sitting a little low, this was expected. The u bolts were Left long for this purpose
The front suspension will easily be adjusted to level the truck and clear tires
Tire coverage is also being addressed ;)

King bump stops and cans being fit to the front, making a striker plate for the lower control arm where the contact is made. I am having some help with the bump stop setup and setting the limit straps, I have been working this summer with some other shops and one of my new good friends is a suspension expert who builds complete buggies. So I asked for his help! I want to maximize this suspension best we can

New Taylor wires finally fit
Complex security system being installed
Toyo tires now live on the method wheels
Front and rear cameras going on along with calibrating the birdseye camera system.
Two tailpipes being made to finish off the exhaust, I know where I want them to live and how the exit will be shaped/placed. Exit will be behind the pass tire the pipes will stick together like a shotgun barrel

A few other surprises along the way and then we will finally be testing/triubleshooting and then my buddy can finally get his truck back!

I have a photo shoot and testing sessions setup for this baby when she’s ready at a private off road park. This is all very exciting this truck is the pinnacle of what I have learned about ranger based vehicles over the last 25+ years

We had our 4 year anniversary with this truck in the shop. That is ridiculous! Covid or not… she’s almost done with this stage of the build! Plan is to bring her back each summer for mods upgrades as needed