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410Custom's builds a 2007 Ranger V8 - custom truck build - Project "Ranger Premier"

@JoshT You could always use a 8.8 out of an F150 to get a wider tracking width on the rear.
Which makes me think of a question. Has anyone built an Explorer or Ranger body onto a 5.0 powered 4wd F150 chassis? Frame and driveshaft length adjustment would be about the only major thing to contend with?
Not sure which frames were used, there's a V8 Aerostar the guy set the body on a frame and the 300 inline 6 explorer. I think I remember it getting a different frame.

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I dig those wheels so much more. Good call Eddie. No offense Jaime- those original ones were meh.

None taken! I can always find a home for some wheels
I already have a home for the ballistics
The Toyos will be on the methods tomorrow!

Allright shop is cleaned and organized
Eddie money truck front center
Truck was washed
Time to finish this truck
September is 07 ranger month
Shop is firing on all cylinders
Here we go












Okay so here’s what I’m working on! The new headlights and such have been removed
The fenders and bed are coming off

With the bed off I am able to work more easily on the rear, fitting the hitch and bumper with the inverted shackle setup will take some fabrication.

Shorter shackles are being installed, this will help clear the factory height bed (without having to cut into the bed supports)
This will give the rear 1/2” of lift
Next I am installing 1.5” lift blocks in the rear. I am stacking 1.5” blocks w the factory block for now. The rear needs 2” of additional lift. I knew she was sitting a little low, this was expected. The u bolts were Left long for this purpose
The front suspension will easily be adjusted to level the truck and clear tires
Tire coverage is also being addressed ;)

King bump stops and cans being fit to the front, making a striker plate for the lower control arm where the contact is made. I am having some help with the bump stop setup and setting the limit straps, I have been working this summer with some other shops and one of my new good friends is a suspension expert who builds complete buggies. So I asked for his help! I want to maximize this suspension best we can

New Taylor wires finally fit
Complex security system being installed
Toyo tires now live on the method wheels
Front and rear cameras going on along with calibrating the birdseye camera system.
Two tailpipes being made to finish off the exhaust, I know where I want them to live and how the exit will be shaped/placed. Exit will be behind the pass tire the pipes will stick together like a shotgun barrel

A few other surprises along the way and then we will finally be testing/triubleshooting and then my buddy can finally get his truck back!

I have a photo shoot and testing sessions setup for this baby when she’s ready at a private off road park. This is all very exciting this truck is the pinnacle of what I have learned about ranger based vehicles over the last 25+ years

We had our 4 year anniversary with this truck in the shop. That is ridiculous! Covid or not… she’s almost done with this stage of the build! Plan is to bring her back each summer for mods upgrades as needed

Finally! The fiberglass has shipped
Been waiting for 9+ weeks for fiberglass bedsides and now they have shipped… should be here middle of next week!

Secret is out this truck is getting full glass
McNeil 3” front fenders and matching rear bed sides
This will help with tire coverage and protecting our nice paint job

Have not gotten done as much as I wanted in the last two weeks but that is all about to change. I will be ready for install when the glass gets here!!!

That’s going to be sweet!

In the previous post, you had the tires mounted on the rims. Did they get mounted onto the truck, or do you have to wait for fiberglass for clearance? Waiting to see how good they look on the truck!

knowing your going to cut off perfectly good bedsides makes me cringe, even more when i need to find a bed in good shape.......

Tires are mounted on wheels and were
Bolted to the truck just in time to be removed for more fabrication and mods. We already checked clearances with the old wheels the methods are the same physical size and backspacing.

I have a few ranger beds here, the beautiful blue one without a scratch, custom paint, and. Perfect linex and then I have a couple of other ranger beds that could be used. It is a toss up. Either I hack into the blue beauty and fit the glass to it or I cut up a donor bed and then have to do more
Blue paint and high end line x. I will make that final decision next week when the glass gets here. I also now have a contact down south with a linex account (they linex all their trucks in Spokane)

Stay tuned! I’m trying like heck to get this sucker completed

Fiberglass has arrived! Thank goodness
So I open the box to get a look and I see Louvers. Why do I see louvers?
We did not order fenders or bedsides with louvers, in fact I discussed their new 4” louvered fenders w Eddiemoney and he does not like them. So we ordered smooth front fenders and bedsides. Now they get here and the bedsides have louvres? This is not even a product you can purchase from their website????

Why me!!?!?!???

So if you go to mcneilracing and check out ranger fiberglass nowhere in the catalog is a set of 4” bedsides with flat tops and louvers… only the trophy truck sides with a huge bump on the bed rail (not flat like ours) are offered with louvered section.

I have no idea why they did this and I am not happy about it
Cannot afford to wait another 6-9 weeks to have another set made, bedsides are $400 shipping was $400

Why would they do this!?!???!
Trying to fill these in over the gel coat is possible but it creates a heck of a lot more work.
I’m hoping Eddie is okay with them and we can just run it!? Will contact McNeil today and see what gives.



Also after much debate and discussion I will be chopping up a black ranger bed I have and not the blue one.

Not the update we were hoping for
I cannot begin to express my frustration here. This happens way too often

Battle on

Ouch I hate that too. Shopping away from home has always been tough and there are too many mistakes by companies. Customer service has suffered a lot since 2020, the latest I hate is a business which won't take phone calls. For example, Tasca Ford no longer gives out any phone number, the parts department is all online only, email or PM etc. I'm buying my Ford parts from an instate dealer now, even my old local dealer matches many online prices.

Look at the glass halfway full
Press on

I've heard of that happening before with fiberglass. How companies continue to do it though, I don't understand. What did they say?

Left voicemail, left email with pictures and even tried online chat with nobody in other end… I’m hoping to hear back from them soon

We do not want the louvers

McNeil responded:

“Well, we dropped the ball on this one. The pictures on our site are old & need to be updated. The louvers are part of our mold and all of these 4" bedsides come this way.”

So it looks like we are stuck with them as long as we want McNeil 4” bedsides

I am going to start hacking up the donor bed regardless and already began fitting the front….

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Front glass has been fit

McNeil front fenders fit really well!

Truck was somewhat dusted/washed, fender substructure suspension included

In prep for fitting Front glass

Hood was aligned, fenders put up in place for first test fit

Preliminary results are good!!


Start marking and drilling holes carefully
Fenders are clamped, lined up to hood and door, marked, drilled small, checked, drilled again, fit, adjusted/ shimmed, final fit and then finally bolted down

The fit was very very good, best fiberglass I have worked with. McNeil, they really have the ranger down.



Good finish will only need minor prep for paint