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411! BigRed Down!!

Add another trans filter with the coolers, on the trans outlet side, before the radiator. I just ordered one from Summit for $32, plus two "y" blocks. Night,

have had an external trans filter for about 2 years now...sorry thats the one i was talking about changing.

Ah, I see. The filter that comes with my kit will likely be a PH8A, I'll stick that on my Lincoln when I change that oil next. I'll use another Amsoil EA015 filter for the trans filter, those are supposed to filter much better and flow more too.

First Impression:

Started it up today after I got home from school, let her run till normal operating temps and took her out on the road. As soon as I put it in reverse I new it had the shift kit, went in fast and firmly. Now when i say fast, I mean a lot faster then before it use to take about 2 seconds, not bad but sometimes annoying.

Put it in drive and wow does it go in firmly, very nice. Just driving around the manor, it seemed to shift rather well but didn't notice to much of a difference yet. I was only doing about 1800rpms max around the manor, just trying things out. Start out on the highway and the upshifts are very firm and fast, a hudge improvement then before. Very nice. I noticed a small increase in firmness in the downshifts but not much, much faster but not as firm but i figured that.

All in all, I am very happy with the service. Looks like they left the tcase in and just dropped the driverside cat and dropped the tranny out. The new one has been dipped in an acid bath to get all the crud off of it and then fully rebuild, everything is new, gaskets, seals, bands, ect. They painted it silver, which is kinda nice, i got a nice shiny tranny now. They did a rather awesome job, filled her up with Mobil 1 Full Synthetic ATF and i checked it today, clean as a whistle and the level is right on.

My learnings:

1. This forum is freakin awesome!
2. Older more knowledgeable tranny guys are the way to go. An make sure you shop around.
3. Shift Kit is the only way to go, already got the dad talked into one for the 2500HD
4. If your getting it rebuild make sure you use full synthetic ATF, why not, its apart and it just makes sense.