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4405 to 1354e to 1354e with Manual Shift


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February 10, 2004
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99 Sport
First things first! Step bits are freaking awesome!

Oh yeah, and I have no clue how i lived without an impact gun...New purchase:
Milwaukee 2663 Impact gun - 450 ft/lbs

And now to what I've done.

My 4405 had long since been fried, so I purchased an electronic 1354 and the conversion kit from RangerX. So the outcome is 2wd and manual control of the tcase, with minimal cutting of the trans tunnel.

So here it goes:

This is the nasty leaking 4405 TCase that sounds like a grinding mess.

First detach the rear drive shaft from the flange. Mine took a 12mm wrench. Note: A racheting wrench works best. I will be buying a full set soon! Let the driveshaft rest on the ground or tie it up like i did.

To make the job of lowering the T-Case easier - DRAIN IT!!!

Disconnect the Shift Motor Wiring Harness.

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Let's keep going.

View of the transfer-case mounting location to the transmission.

Remove mounting bolts using a 1/2" racheting wrench.

Here is the 1354 (Front/Left) in relation to the 4405 (Rear/Right)


*NOTE: I had to swap the rear output flanges as the 1354 was too large.

Ok, back under the truck!

Don't forget to replace the seal/gasket that's between the T-Case and Trans.

Take it off...and replace with new one!

Install the manual shift mechanism in place of the Electronic shift motor.

Re-install Rear Drive shaft. This is where my new impact came in handy: Swap flange from 4405 to 1354e.

Now jumping into the truck!

Time to install the shifter.
Had to be sure to find a position as not to interfere with normal driver operation of the gas pedal! And more importantly the seat adjusting... :rolleyes:

After locating; using a red sharpie to the carpet; cut away a section using a razor blade and remove the carpet material. Using the Step bit drill the center hole. *Be careful because the step bit eats sheet metal like a piranha eats flesh.

Now cut away carpet to the size of shifter plate and drill the mounting holes. Drill holes using step bit.

Shifter installed!!!!

*What you can't see is the helper (me and james (Ronin) kept swapping spots) under the truck to hold the backing plate that the shift plate mounts too.


Here's a better shot of the installed Shifter:


Now the Prequel.

These are all of the parts straight out of the box:

1354 Electronic TransferCase

Remove the shift motor.

This is what the shift mechanism looks like on the T-Case.

You can kind-of see the whole shifter and backing in this picture.

Here it is in action under the truck!


Done! Front CVs and Driveshaft back in. And an hour after completion the snow started falling.

Where did you purchase this is it being made anymore?

Where did you purchase this is it being made anymore?

A memeber was selling it in the "parts for sale" section and I scooped it up. It did have some info that came with it. I'll dig it up and see if there was a manufacturer contact.

Performance Comments?

Have you guys done some off-roading with this conversion in place? Are you happy with the results? Does the shifter have some sort of detents so that you clearly know that it is engaged? I'm really interested in this conversion, so any comments about the results and whether you'd recommend it would be appreciated. Thanks

I have used it on several ocations, and I more than happy with it. It woks perfect.
I only spray some WD40 on it to keep it clean.-

It doesn´t have any marks to tell you when it´s engaged, so y made some signs on the shifter (the part inside the truck) to know the exact position of the gear

Damn i want one.... but I cant see spending $400 on one right now... have other things to do first. great write up btw


And yeah, it works great off road. you can feel it shift into place. Only thing I don't like is that my handle is a bit wobbly, and I can't seem to find a way to make it tight. Ah well, it is mechanically sound and I can shift on the fly.

Will most likely be selling this soon. Let me know if there is any interested buyers.

Plan is to replace transfer case with an Atlas II

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I would be interested in that shifter. I have a 1994 ranger with the 1354e and I've gone through 3 shift motors in two years. Id rather have the manual and be done with it. What kind of price were you thinking?