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4406 Swap!

Mounty 09

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March 5, 2007
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1997 Mountaineer
Well today starts the search for parts for the swap. Hitting up two decent size yards in Indy. I think I pretty know everything I need and have read all the swap threads. I have the privilege of trying to find a 97-98 case with the gear inside ('97 V8 thought he got a '97 case but it didn't have the gear inside.) Also know the drive shafts I need. Hopping they are the right sizes as seems like there are lots of differences in them.

Is there any new info on the swab that I should watch out for?


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if you're running stock tires you'll need a 22 tooth speedo gear... which noone makes.

so you'll either get a 21 or 23 tooth and be 1-2 mph off in either direction.

21's are available at the dealer for $5, 23's are aftermarket

also make sure your gas tank strap is in good shape while you're down there, mine had rusted out and the tank was only being held by the skid

also, you'll need to space the transfercase skid on the driver's side almost an inch

I am running 33's.

All I got today was a rear drive shaft from a 99 expedition with the 5.4. It measures 30 weld to weld and 34 center of u-joint to center. Does this sound right. I measured my awd one and its like 42". Is the new case that much bigger?

Also one other question. Does it matter if the manual transfer case matter if it comes out of a 4.6 or a 5.4?

Well I got a transfer case yesterday. Truck was a 97 with 46k on the clock. I paid $225. I put it in yesterday and I would say the hardest part was getting that beast up there. I ended up dropping the tank. Today I still have to finish the front tank mount and the rear drive shaft. I still don't have a front drive shaft or shift linkage but know where to get them. And since I have a bl I didn't have to take the seats and center console out to get to the top two bolts so that's why I did it. Hopefully I can get it done today as I have a exam tonight I need to study for.

Well it is all put back together. The stock f-150 speedo gear worked with my 33s. I think it was black. Turning is a lot lighter and the seat of pants meter was a little higher. So far happy. Now I just need to get some money for the shift linkage and a front drive shaft. I think I have them both located though.

So add me the the list of 4406 swaps!!!!

Well today I got the front drive shaft and the shift linkage. Only problem with the shift linkage was the stick was cut right after then bend. I also was taking it apart to rebuild and broke one of the studs off. So I plan to just grind the rest flat and drill and tap a hole and just use a bolt with a washer. With the stick I am still looking for one, but if I can't find one I'm just going to weld something up on the end of the broken one. I also still need boots and every thing will be done.

sounds cool post some pics

Well I got it drilled and tapped today. Not the best job I have ever done with something like that but it works. (its just a little off center) Hopping tomorrow I can get the front drive shaft in and maybe just bolt the linkage up without the stick. I did get a stick from a bronco that I might be able the cut up it I cant find the right one. I did also get a boot from a bronco. I am going home this weekend and will call up a few yards and see if they have anything. Can't really get any pics because no camera other than a phone and those pictures suck. I will get some pictures of the boot setup though, I know people like seeing how other people have done it. 2wd is awesome though. The take off is so much better. Wont be able to get a good comparison on gas mileage for awhile because I like taking off to much. :)

Trying to mount my 4wd linkage up today and found the holes on the tranny that the linkage mount to are about .25" to far apart. Thinking if I just elongate the holes on the linkage it would work. It is 3/8 plate steel. Would just put it on a mill and do it but that isn't the easiest think to gain accesses too. Any other ideas?

Elongate the holes....


Well I am 95% done. Just have to wire up the 4wd lights. everything looks and works good so far. Can't wait to get off road and have real 4wd!

How my shifter works.


Well its all done! Got the lights wired up tonight. Left both of them light up for 4wd low because it draws more attention if somebody is driving my truck and they don't know anything about 4wd. Would like to figure out a little better way for the plastic housing to stay in place but when it is in 2wd (and will be most of the time) it looks and stays fine.





looks good:thumbsup:
I gotta start thinkin' about doing this.

I'm new. Was your truck originally an AWD? Interesting mod..

Yes. The explorers/mountaineers with the 5.0 either came with AWD or 2WD. Most came with AWD. Mine started out at AWD. I am about the 9th or 10th person on this board to do this conversion. I got almost all of my info from mountaineergreen's how to thread.

a relay would fix both lights coming on at once. basically you need a 12v source (I stole mine from the lighter) to run to one magnetic terminal and run the other to 4lo ground signal

run the 4hi ground signal to the center switch pole and 4hi light to the normal closed contacter and 4lo to the normal open contacter

Ya I know it's not that hard to wire it up, I just like idea of how bright both of them are to draw attention to when in 4wd lo. It won't get used very often. So when people drive it and see the lights they will know that something isn't right.

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man great thread iv been thinking of something like this! cant believe someone did a write up on it lol. nice choice on the shifter as well :)

Theres a boatload of writeups on this mod on this forum.
Heres a few:
And the one for the step-by-step:
There are plenty more, but you get the idea