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For Sale 4406M, SCT X3, CV Axles, Turn Stalk, Etc.

Hello all,

**Second for sale thread created so it wont be too hard for anyone (including forum moderators) to keep track of everything.

I've long parted with my mountaineer but a few goodies from it remains in my garage. All items are located in Walnut California. Please read the following for details:

All items were installed on a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer V8 5.0 and were all in excellent working condition upon the time of removal. All items are stored in a garage and may have accumulated dust over a period of time.

Paypal users must include a 3% fee in addition to the listed price unless sending the payment as a gift option.

I will ship any and all items listed here as the buyer is responsible for the shipping cost unless specified otherwise. Pick up is also available and i can meet at an agreed upon scheduled time and day.

Here are some of the things I have that are up for sale:

1. BW 4406M. Everyone knows what this is and how much fun it can be. It includes all 4 drive shafts, the 4406M transfer case with the required adapter piece which makes this a direct bolt on. You can have the old 4404 too in the pictures. No shifter included, you can easily make one or buy one. Made a huge difference in power delivery and picked up a few MPG's when I installed this. Price is firm as this is a very complete system.

This is a heavy item and is quite large. Shipping rates may vary depending on your location. $600 FIRM plus shipping cost to your door or 600 picked up. 4406M and its accompanying driveshafts SOLD to Mounty71

2. OEM Front CV Axles No damage to the boots and does not leak at the seals when installed compared to aftermarket axles. Not a refurbished unit.

Again, this is a heavy item that is quite large. Shipping weight is approximately 15 pounds and shipping rates may vary depending on your location. $60 for both plus shipping cost to your door.

3. SCT X3 with ECU. Has a couple of tunes from James (jameshenson performance) installed in it. I did not have a chance to uninstall the programmer from the vehicle so that's why this will come with the actual ECU of the car it is mated with. You can plug that in, un-mate it and plug your ECU and marry the SCT X3 with your vehicle.

$225 FIRM SHIPPED to lower 48.

4. Multi-Stalk Fairly new as I bought this a few months before I got rid of the truck.

$70 SHIPPED to lower 48.

5.Auto Dimming Mirror Auto Dim Function worked when I had this installed. The slider ###ntion doesn't though.

$20 SHIPPED to lower 48.

6.Tail Lights One has a chipped off section on the mounting tab that doesnt really affect its function.

$40 SHIPPED to lower 48.














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I'd like an SCT tuner someday! At the moment, i don't know or understand how they "mate" or how much i'd have to spend to get yours to run on my 04' 4.6L