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46" 1991 Explorer in Iceland.

Hi, My name is Sævar and I´m 22, I live near the capital Reykjavik Iceland and I recently bought a slightly modified 91 Explorer

I have owned a lot of cars in my short yet life, but only 3 american made, first an AMC Eagle 82 and a Cherokee Country 1995, and now this Explorer

Ive mostly had Suzukies in the past, and for the longest time, since 2007 until recently I had a Vitara of which I also modified a little bit, heres a photograph


It has 38" super swampers and toyota pickup axles with locker, toyota transfer box and gearbox and 2.5 turbo diesel intercooled Hyundai engine

my plans with the explorer so far are unknown, Im thinking of finishing it up and using this winter and seeing what needs better finishing, but before that there are a few details of which need sorting such as

Checking the brakes, they have hydro assist, checking leaks, steering fluid is leaking and car has saginaw pump and steering jack so there are a lot of couplings of which could break a leak

finishing the fender flares, their surface is rough and unfinished and they are slightly too narrow for making the car road legal on these tires

the axles are D44 HD front and 14bolt 9.5" GM rear

here are some photos


I hope you come to like this project, at least Im a little excited to try him out but please if there are any comments or suggestions feel free to reply or message me personally


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Love it :D My only suggestion would have been to use a D60 up front, but maybe the smaller axle will live since the snow/ice will allow slippage...

Welcome to the forum!

yea sure, i agree, but weight is more of an issue than strenght in most cases when trying to get your vehicle to float on top of the snow, although with this extremely wide footprint I imagine it will float just great, they put F350 super duties and Excursions on these tires here with good success

My concern is mainly the rear suspension, I want to build a similar link setup to the front, 2 link and panhard and coil sprung suspension, but that will have to wait until the winter season is over, or until the axle wraps itself from underneath the car under acceleration :)

My biggest concern right now are the drive ratios, by my calculations 4th and 5th high gears will be useless when road driving, and 1 low will be slightly higher than 1hi on normal tires

the diff ratios are 4.56:1 and the gearbox is a manual, so im thinking whats my options, changing down to 5.38 doesnt make a world of difference, so im thinking dual transfer box, or preferably a dual gearbox or a doubler, so the road drive ratios can bring back 4th and 5th

do you know of any options for me, like conversion adapters or has something like this not been done before?

thanks in advance

There is the Atlas II transfer case with 4.3:1 reduction, but that won't help you on the highway. Doubling up the 13-54 cases is probably the way to go.

Check this thread: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=354700

This article: http://www.explorer4x4.com/atlas_2.html

And here is the contact info for the manufacturer of another doubler kit:

Duffy Dieu
Poulsbo WA

Thanks a lot, ill look into this better, how can I be sure what transfer case I have? the drivetrain up until the driveshafts is pretty much stock as far as i know, manual 5 speed gearbox and 4.0 V6 1991, there are electric control buttons for the tranny on the dashboard but theyve been disconnected, and theres a mixed floor shift lever, so i´m a little skeptical

If you still have the 4.0 in there it's the Borg Warner 13-54 manual or electric shift transfer case. Simple enough to tell the difference. One has a shift lever through the floor, the other uses a shift motor on the back of the case and has buttons on the dash to select the ranges. It could be that someone swapped in the manual case since it shifts more reliably than the electric shift version.

So they are both called BW 1354 whether they are electric or mechanical? and have interchangable components?

thanks alot for the welcoming

thanks for the info, im looking to buy a parts car with tan leather interior, this one is a little shabby looking

but here are some more pics





lots of things left to do ... :D winter is coming ;)

right now im waiting for parts from rockauto to make the brakes stronger to compensate the larger wheels and different wheel calipers

so i bought a hydro assist brake booster and master cylinder from a 2500 gmc suburban 1986 from rockauto.com and expected to arrive before the end of october :)


the car already has a saginaw style steering pump because of the hydro assist steering so i have to see if that has enough power for the brakes too

I'm eagerly watching to see how you like the hydroboost brakes. I also have a Saginaw pump and hydro assist steering.

do you know where from your saginaw pump is? what model and year?

and are they all the same pressure? I have a fever my saginaw is old and weak and want a new one

very cool ride...
welcome ...

do you know where from your saginaw pump is? what model and year?

and are they all the same pressure? I have a fever my saginaw is old and weak and want a new one

Howe Racing spec'ed the pump that I needed. It's been in the rig for more than 10 years, and I do not recall what it's from. They have an adapter that will allow the Saginaw pump to be used with the Explorer bracket. The bracket does need to be cut to fit.


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Let there be brakes, they lock up with just a tip of the pedal, its going to need some getting used to, but maybe it will be ok with the big tires, ive only tried it with 33s

now i am wondering about using the AC compressor for pumping air in the tires and perhaps using air tools if necessary, with a storage air tank ofcourse.

My question is, is there any way of increasing the performance of the pump, like I know dodge pumps have a centrifugal clutch inside of them and if you turn the centrifugal weights all the way in you get about 50% more air flow from the pump, this is made so that the pump isnt pumping a lot more freon with higher rpm, but if its disabled and made so that the pump thinks its constantly at idle, even though the engine is reving the pump will produce more? is this true with the Ford pumo?

also, thinking of shaving some items out of the engine bay and fitting a second battery tray and battery, has this been done before? I think of space where the air filter box is if removed, and where cruise control module is if removed

thanks in advance-

ps. the forecast is snow tomorrow night ;)