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46" 1991 Explorer in Iceland.

Hi, My name is Sævar and I´m 22, I live near the capital Reykjavik Iceland and I recently bought a slightly modified 91 Explorer

I have owned a lot of cars in my short yet life, but only 3 american made, first an AMC Eagle 82 and a Cherokee Country 1995, and now this Explorer

Ive mostly had Suzukies in the past, and for the longest time, since 2007 until recently I had a Vitara of which I also modified a little bit, heres a photograph


It has 38" super swampers and toyota pickup axles with locker, toyota transfer box and gearbox and 2.5 turbo diesel intercooled Hyundai engine

my plans with the explorer so far are unknown, Im thinking of finishing it up and using this winter and seeing what needs better finishing, but before that there are a few details of which need sorting such as

Checking the brakes, they have hydro assist, checking leaks, steering fluid is leaking and car has saginaw pump and steering jack so there are a lot of couplings of which could break a leak

finishing the fender flares, their surface is rough and unfinished and they are slightly too narrow for making the car road legal on these tires

the axles are D44 HD front and 14bolt 9.5" GM rear

here are some photos


I hope you come to like this project, at least Im a little excited to try him out but please if there are any comments or suggestions feel free to reply or message me personally


hehe not even a straight restoration just making it roadworthy again and have good fun and maybe some burnouts

hehe not even a straight restoration just making it roadworthy again and have good fun and maybe some burnouts
The Chevy is all good now .. see

however, more interestingly, recently my Ford Explorer which I sold in 2017 showed up in the for sale of facebook, I don't know if there is a new owner, EVEN more strangely, I was sent a photograph recently of that same Ford Explorer which had made it into a 90s racing video game! haha


Just had a casual sunday catch up of this thing, oh the shenanigan.. Glad to have moved on honestly, but it served me well and was a great lesson learned :)

cheers- Sævar - Iceland