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475 mile trip


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July 11, 2010
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St.Pete, Florida
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2003 Limited
Well we took a trip today from our home in St. Petersburg to Atlanta. That's about a 475 mile trip each way. It took us about 7 1/2 hours with stopping for gas and food. So far the explorer is handling well and drives like a dream! The trip was I-75 the whole way up and I averaged 19.7mpg. Which is a little less than I was hoping. I was expecting to get about 22-23mpg. But with all the hills on I-75, it kept popping out of overdrive and ran at 2900rpm till we got to the top of the hill, then it went back in. That is a little aggravating, but I guess nothing can be done. I kept it in cruise control at about 75mph just about the whole time. Well I just wanted to report in on how our trip was going so far and will report in when I get back home again. Hope you enjoyed the little story!

Edit: Atlanta is one crazy place to drive! I was being passed by prius' going 85-90!

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That's not bad mileage for 75mph and hills. It may just improve on your way home, not sure if its a myth or factual but heard before that going south you get better mpg's than driving south to north. Good luck and have a safe trip back.

Mileage sounds about right. Same as I had a couple weeks ago doing 75 on I-80, mostly flat.

Mileage seems about right. Enjoy the trip. :thumbsup:

Well made it back this evening. Total of 950 miles on the Explorer. Puts her at 53,x.. miles. Ran good overall. This morning when we left, it was 23 degrees. It had some effect on the car because when we got on the interstate and stayed at a stable speed, there was an annoying whistling coming from the engine. But once the engine warmed up, everything was fine and dandy. I averaged 19.5 on the way back as well, which is good because I was opening her up a bit at times. I wanted to get home and people were driving crazy... :) But she runs good on the interstate and I am very happy with the vehicle. It has been our road car since we got it brand new in 2003. Before it was my 1999 Lexus rx300. But that just sits in the driveway now... Well hope everyone is doing good and have a good week!

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Glad you had a good, safe trip. :D

Always good to get home!:thumbsup:

Always nice pulling in the driveway, safe and sound.

We get to try out the 4x4 in earnest tomorrow. Just got a few inches of snow!