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4Lo light on, but still 2wd

January 20, 2006
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Newton, NJ
I blew up my tcase on my 02 ranger last week and finally got another thrown in. Now the shift motor wont shift it out of 2wd. The tcase shifts fine with a pair of pliers and 4wd works fine. When i start the truck my 4x4 and 4x4 low lights come on, but the 4x4 low light stays lit. I can hear the 4x4 module clicking, when I try to put it in 4Lo or 2wd, but not when i try 4high. Ive tried 2 motors and still nothing. Also with the 4Lo light on my speedo wont work. If I unplug the 4x4 module, the 4Lo light goes off and my speedo works again. Im stumped! I replaced the 4x4 module last year with a brand new one. Ive also checked the fuse on the side and under the hood.

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I'd help, but I need to look at a schematic first... won't have access 'til Monday...


The only common link there seems to be the 4x4 control module. I suspect it's on the fritz again... It feeds the signal to the dash for the vehicle speed, so if it's getting an odd signal from the 4wd CM, that could throw it off

But before we go there, check the following fuses:
Battery junction box, #13 (20A)
Central Junction Box fuse #5 (15A), #10 (7.5A), #11 (7.5A), and #28 (7.5A)

Now, that being said, the only way to know for sure would be to connect a real-time diagnostic scanner to the system and see what it's doing. They would be able to view the GEM PID's and see exactly what position the shift motor is telling the CM that it's in, what signal it's sending to the ECU, etc. It's really the only way to know for sure...

Good luck!