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4R44E-Help Me Decide


May 18, 2006
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Shrewsbury, NJ
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1995 Ranger XLT 3.0L
I've got a '95 Ranger XLT Ext Cab with the 4R44E A/T at 125,000 miles. A few months back I did the VB update which worked like a charm. Just this week, I had the driveshaft (2 piece) center carrier bearing replaced. Today my son took the truck to Syracuse NY (about 275 miles) & called to ask "Hey Dad, what does it mean when the O/D Off light flashes & the truck won't shift?" Crap!!!
His girlfriend's uncle's mechanic thinks it's the OD sprag cluster since it WILL drive and shift with the OD off. So my thoughts are: 1. Get it back down here & have the codes read. 2. Do you think any of the recent repairs were related to this? 3. If it IS the OD sprag/cluster can I do this or re-build it in the driveway or garage ? (I have the ATSG book & it looks intimidating). 4. Has anyone out there re-built this tranny? If yes, how'd it go ? 3. What do you guys think of Phoenix hard parts? They have a 4R44E for $795 but they want $300 for shipping; cripes, I can fly out there for that much. 4. Anyone know of a good (& inexpensive) tranny guy in the NY/NJ area (hint, hint Brooklyn) who can handle this? I have plenty of time. Maybe I can drop the tranny at home & drop it off for re-build/repairs?
Any how, sorry for the long post. Let me know your thoughts & help me make this decision.



I think I might be able to provide some assistance here, but need more info. What did you do to the VB? JUST the FORD TSB? Or more? detail what you did. What are the symptoms exactly? Do you have engagement in manual 1 or manual 2 (can rule out the OD sprag). Try and give as detailed a symptom complex as you can and I can better provide some assistance. For example, I assume you have reverse ?

"Input... need input..."

Thanks for the reply Glacier. I'll have more info on the symptoms as soon as I get the truck back, sometime today. As for the valve body, I did the Ford TSB, Superior shift kit and a new EPC solenoid.

Okay. I got the truck back & the O/D Off light is NOT flashing. I took it for a ride and I have 1st & 2nd in manual; also 1st & 2nd manual with O/D off. With O/D on it shifts fine (manual & auto) except for a big bang between first and second on the upshift and the downshift. I also have reverse which is slow to engage and sometimes bangs loudly (however, this was happening before the road-trip). When they were driving it was on a farm country road going about 50 mph. He said at one point it wouldn't shift (he doesn't remember which gear) but the tach was up to about 4500 rpm ?? I checked the fluid level (while running & hot) and it was between the holes on the dipstick. I think that's all I can come up with now. Does this sound like another valve body issue ? Thanks again for all your help.