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4r44e Jerk when shifting 2-3 (flare?)


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June 9, 2010
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Hoover, AL
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2013 Limited 3.5L
Recently after a fluid change (just dropped pan and replaced filter), my truck shifts hard from 2-3, and jerks. 1-2 and 3-od are smooth as butter. The hard shifting occurs from 1/3 throttle and on. If I let off the throttle to less than 1/3 before the shift, it is fine.

No codes, not even pending. Fluid level seems fine.


I would clean the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor and disconnect the battery. The computer uses this info from that sensor to make adjustments to the transmission, I have fixed several hard shift issues by doing this, it seems to be more with the smaller engines that I have noticed.

You will need MAF cleaner so it won't damage the sensor, the sensor should be near the air filter on the intake tube. Disconnecting the battery should reset the computer.

Done this a couple of weeks ago with no change in the issue.

Also checked TPS voltage (0.8 at idle, about 4.6 all the way open and smooth voltage movement as its turned, nothing erratic).

BTW bands have never been adjusted. Could this cause an issue? Truck has 196k miles.

After fighting with trying to read the tip stick better (checking atf not as easy as checking oil, not a clean line), I tried a solution that my friend suggested. I kept having fluid all along the dipstick past the hatch marks but it looked like it was just scrapping some from the inside of the tube.

He told me to wipe it off and spray on brake cleaner to get rid of any oilly film and to dry out the dipstick. He said even when you wipe the dipstick sometimes oil can easily float on the remaining film left behind.

Doing this gave me a really clean cut way above the hash marks. YIKES! So I siphoned about a 1/2 a quart from the tube and checked again and got it right in the middle. Unhooked the battery for 30 mins and then took her for a spin.

Problem solved.