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4R55 2-3 Flare?


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July 28, 2005
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01 Sport
Well, having spend literally hours, reading this forum, and FTE, I have to ask..

I blew my first transmission, lost all gears, replaced EPC, no go.

Bought JY transmission, (i know, I know but I'm in College and it was only $250). It moves! I get to school now...

I have a 2-3 flare now, adjusting the bands didn't help. Having read all the threads, I don't see a definitive answer on where to start...

Take it to ford? Change the EPC? Change the 2-3 solinoid?

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The EPC was already replaced (or was that in the first transmission)? Did you install the Sonnax upgraded parts (boost valve with O rings, end plugs with O rings, and the TransTec Viton D ring kit on the rear servo)?

Have done nothing to the 'new' transmission yet, save for fluid and filter, and band adjustment.

Just trying to find a starting point, and hopefully an end to this issue.