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4R55 transmission p0775 error AJ1E OD servo fix?


March 10, 2013
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I'm posting to get fresh replies and to see if using the AJ1E OD servo replacement actually works. I have a 2002 ford explorer 4L v6 225K ish miles. Now getting a p0775 error, flashing OD light, 1-2 shifting delay/flair. I've read about the housing wear around the OD servo shaft and symptoms such as mine being fixable by replacing the servos with AJ1E's servo replacement kits. Looks doable.

1. What has been the success rate for the AJ1E servo solution? Am I likely to need to replace the solenoid pack with only the p0775 error? I'd think there would be other solenoid related errors if it was stuck etc.
2. Since the housing bores are likely warn and only the p0775 error, I figured it might be reasonable to first change out the servos, see if it goes away and deal with the solenoid pack if needed. Sound reasonable?
3. I also have read of other reasons for the p0775 error such as low tranny fluid, dirty filter. Also pump. I'm afraid of the fluid flush on this old car for the usual reasons. Should I leave that alone or drain and fill, flush and change the filter?

That's high mileage for that transmission without having to resleeve the bores or replace the solenoid pack. You could try to use the upgraded servos with o rings to see if it helps. I'm sure that you will see an improvement but take the rest of the transmission into consideration since it has high mileage.

OK, I've had several Explorers and Mountaineers (between 1997-2001 models) but last year upgraded (ha ha) to a 2003 Lincoln Aviator. It now has 180,000 miles... I've changed water-pump, power steering pump, all the idler pulleys etc, wheel bearings, oil changes - all the stuff you'd expect in a car of it's age. All was going well for a while, but now transmission issues. It starts and runs, you have to 'coax' it out of 1st into 2nd (either accelerate gently, or lift off slightly) - it goes from 2nd into 3rd OK, but no higher. Research led me to the AJ1E servo kit - was wondering if there are any members who've tried it. I think I'm fairly handy (see all work above) but apprehensive about playing with the transmission. It'll be done on the driveway on jacks/stands - it seems do-able. Anyone done it successfully? Any tips/hints? (and if anyone knows how to get rid of 'check charging system' warning light (changed alternator, battery, fusible links etc - car starts fine, no charging issues) - all help appreciated. If I need to post this elsewhere, please advise. Thanks again.