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4R55E band adjustment.

August 6, 2003
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Orlando, Fl
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1996 Explorer XLT 4D
The 4R55E has a single or double wrapped band? I'm going to install a transgo shift kit in my 96 X, and have no idea if i should back the stud out out 2 or 3 turns for overdrive band. Help would be appreciated.

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the 4R55 is a single wrap (as I believe everything 92 and later was). 2 turns.

Also what are some signs that the bands in this transmission are out of adjustment. For some reason this truck doesn't seem to have the acceleration it used to, and the motor seems to rev higher to get to the same speed. Like a clutch going bad, not getting all the power to the ground.

You didn't say the mileage on this trannie. Your concerns could be caused by a lot of things. Would't hurt to adjust the intermediate (most rearward) band. Buy a new nut. A reasonably painless procedure, and if that's not the problem, nothing lost but the price of a new nut (and a 1/4 in torque wrench if you don't have one. If it high mileage, odds are that is not it, but rather it maybe a combination of factors, all age related.)

96 Explorer, 40,000 origional miles. Was my mothers car, sat in storage for a while, but run once a month. I blew the rear end up in my F150 offroad, so i started driving this. Changed all the fluids before i drove back to college. And what are the exact adjustments for the bands anyway.
Thanks Dude


Intermediate band:
Remove and replace the locknut. Tighten the adjusting screw to 10 foot pounds .... back it off 2 turns, hold it stationary and tighten the locknut. Done.

The nut has an O ring under it that will be welded to the adjustment screw by this time. That may cause you to back out the the adjustment screw at the same time. I wouldn't back out the screw any more than 5 turns or thins will fall out inside. You will need to cut off the old O ring with a box knife in order to tighten it in prior to adjustment. A new O ring that will eventually press into a groove on the nut can be slipped on later. Personally I think it is a bad idea if this only has 40K.

Good point Opera House.

1995 ford.explorer band question

When I adjust the bands on my transmission in the truck do i make a complete circle or do i turn about a quarter for.a turn cause it seems alittle tight to make a complete circle to were I started turning please first time doing this

so go completely around to where you started

So i go completely around to where I started turning is that right

Are you using a torque wrench?